Unborn baby kicks hole in mother’s womb, both almost die

The mother was forced to undergo an emergency c-section.

An unborn baby kicked her motherso hard that she tore a hole in the woman’s womb, almost killing them both and prompting an emergency c-section.

While it sounds may sound like the plot line from a Hollywood sci-fi movie, this pregnancy horror story is all too real.

The news was shared by doctors on the Facebook page of Peking University Shenzhen Hospital in China.

The mother has only been identified as Zhang and was 35 weeks pregnant at the time of the incident.

The Sun reports that the mum-to-be started to feel stomach pains, but did her best to dismiss what she thought to be just harmless cramps.

Throughout the day, Zhang began to run a fever and break out in a cold sweat and with the pains steadily increasing the woman rushed to the emergency department at Peking University Shenzhen Hospital.

Initial checks were run for what Zhang was still describing as stomach pains, and it wasn’t until specialists conducted an ultrasound on the woman’s womb that they realised what had happened.

The ultrasound revealed that the unborn baby had kicked a hole in through the mother’s “uterus wall” all the way into the mum’s “abdominal cavity”, and now the foetus’s thigh was actually stuck in the 7cm split in Zhang’s uterus wall.

The mother was speedily taken for an emergency c-section, with fears the womb could entirely rupture.

Thankfully, Zhang’s baby was delivered in less than 15 minutes. Reports currently show that both mother and baby are doing fine.

Doctors explain that an event like this is very rare, and is more likely if there is already existing scar tissue in the area.

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