How The Biggest Loser Australia’s Anna Winter lost 68kgs…

And kept it off!
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When she returned to the show for her final weigh-in last May, her trainer and teammates could barely believe Anna Winter – who’d lost a staggering 46.2kg – was the same person they’d met when she first entered the Biggest Loser.

And the reality star, 41, says they’re not the only ones who double take when they see her – especially since she’s continued to lose weight in the months after.

“When I go shopping and see my reflection I think, ‘Is that me?'” she told Woman’s Day during her exclusive photo shoot.

“When I’m pegging my size 10 undies up on the clothesline, 
I still think, ‘Are they mine?'”

What a transformation!

Currently studying to be a personal trainer, Anna – who weighed 135kg 
at her heaviest and now weighs 67kg – says she’s maintained the healthy lifestyle she developed on TV.

an initial two-week food detox, it 
took three months for Anna to learn healthy habits.

“I followed a calorie-controlled diet and I ate regularly,” she says, adding she also kept a diary to help her learn about her eating habits.

Anna went from 135kg 
at her heaviest and now weighs 67kg

On top of rethinking the way she ate, Anna started walking everywhere. “Every day I’d get up at the crack of dawn, and I’d walk and walk,” she reveals.

Now she’s planning to run healthy cooking classes in her hometown of Moree in northern NSW and she’s also training for a powerlifting competition – a sport she was inspired 
to try by her fitness role model Lisa Curry.

“It’s such an amazing feeling being able to lift weight and 
be strong every day!”

Anna didn’t let elimination hold her back.

Today she is studying to be a personal trainer

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