Single on Valentine's Day? These 14 sex toys will have you feeling the love... and lust

Treat yourself on the most romantic day of the year.

By Maddison Leach
Valentine's Day is all about romance, love and seduction - which can kind of suck if you're spending it alone.
Every year, singles around Australia grumble (or cry) through the day on February 14 and it can be tough to get in the spirit of things when your dating life isn't living up to the Hallmark expectations.
Fortunately, V Day isn't just about loving someone else, it can also be about loving yourself. A little self-love, if you will...
Sex toy sales shot through the roof when the pandemic kicked off in 2020 and Aussies seem more open about sex than ever before.
So if you're spending this Valentine's Day alone because you're single, in a long-distance romance or your partner is just out of town, don't fret!
We've rounded up the best sex toys to get you really, really enjoying your Valentine's Day solo.
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