Couple with 33-year age gap: ‘Sex with a 60-year-old rocks’

Ami, 27, and her husband David, 60, have taken to YouTube to open up about age gap, or ‘gapper’ sex.

For Ami and David Mason, openly discussing what goes on under the sheets is a norm for them.
There’s a 33-year-age gap between 27-year-old vintage clothing designer Ami, and 60-year-old business executive husband Dave, and the couple are using social media to discuss age gap or ‘gapper’ sex.
Ami wants to break down stereotypes on relationships, saying: “Sex with a 60-year-old is awesome and life-changing and we’re very open about our relationship. He is better than any guy my age.”
The couple, who live in Colorado, decided to take their relationship global when they joined YouTube under the name ‘Ami David’.
“We posted a vlog about our relationship and got so many questions that we decided to do a special series on sex,” Ami explained.
“People seem acutely fascinated with age-gap sex.”
Ami said that they discuss topics that normally people would be too scared to talk about, including Viagra.
She continued: “If people find my love for David unacceptable, I don’t care. We make no apologies for our relationship or our broadcasts, and the fact we get such a positive response is amazing.”
"Yes, to many it’s shocking but to others it’s awesome to hear us talking about spanking or fetishes. Sex at 60 and with a 60-year-old rocks.”
"David is great in and out of bed. I think I people are dumbfounded when I tell them that. People who are scared to start age gap relationships are now having great sex because of what we talk about.
The two met when Ami was a student at college in California and David (who was previously been married and has a child) was a guest lecturer.
They started dating in 2012 and got married two years later in Vegas.
Ami explained: “My parents were surprised at first, but after they got to know Dave and saw how we interacted, they came to accept him.”
“Age-gap relationships do come with their own challenges and considerations including health issues, but in reality, it’s really just two consenting adults in a relationship,” David said.
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