Ruby Rose reveals a chronic spine issue has left her in a wheelchair

“I’m fine and going to be fine.”
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Ruby Rose has gone under the knife to address a longstanding health issue — a procedure which has temporarily left her in a wheelchair. But she wants her fans to know she’ll be just fine.

Taking to Twitter, the actress and model shared a picture of herself in a wheelchair alongside a lengthy caption revealing that she’s been dealing with an unspecified spine issue for some ten years.

The 31-year-old decided to get candid about her health in an attempt to head off any concerns fans might have before paparazzi had the opportunity to snap pictures of her “wheeling around LA.”

“I am now recovering from a back procedure, but I do need to stay active,” she wrote, before adding, “so before I get seen with my cane and wheelchair in public, I’d rather put it out there that I’m fine and going to be fine.”

The Pitch Perfect 3 star later posted another wheelchair-bound photo of herself this time alongside Veronica’s singer girlfriend Jessica Origliasso, thanking her for her ongoing support.

“Behind every strong female lead is another strong female lead,” she wrote on Instagram.

Ruby recently revealed she attends couple therapy with girlfriend Jess after a very public Twitter spat with the other Veronica, Lisa Origliasso.

Although the actress often gushes about how lucky she is to be dating Jess, she told radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O it isn’t always smooth sailing — especially when they’re forced to go long distance so often.

“Every relationship has ups and downs, and great moments, but that’s what I love about it,” the Orange Is The New Black star told the duo.

“I swear by it with every relationship ever – and that’s therapy. “I think it’s the greatest thing for an individual first. You need to know yourself and heal yourself and love yourself to love someone else.”

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Ruby championed the restorative power of therapy.

“We all communicate so differently depending on what we’ve been through in our lives, and what walls are up… so to do therapy and then just work together you find another level of understanding and appreciation,” she said.

“We’re at a point now where we properly know how to communicate long distance which I think has been the hardest thing.”

Their bond seems stronger than ever, but the same can’t be said about the couple’s relationship with the other Veronica.

After the same-sex marriage postal survey results were announced, the actress sarcastically congratulated Lisa for her reaction to the news in an especially snarky tweet.

“So glad to see Lisa Origliasso screaming in excitement about the yes vote after telling us she thinks we should feel ‘lucky’ we don’t get stoned to death like they do in other countries and to get over it a few months ago,” she tweeted.

“Really warms my heart,” with the extra spice of a rolling eyes emoji.

Ruby unfollowed Lisa on Twitter back in April and Jess did the same thing in September.

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