This amazing exercise class will seriously overhaul your body

Get abs and a toned butt in just 45 minutes!
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If running just isn’t your thing and high-intensity exercises are too much for your injury-ridden body, let us introduce you to the perfect exercise class that will get your fit and strong in just 45 minutes.

Reformer Pilates is like regular Pilates done on a mat, except it uses weights and props to bump up the intensity, burning more calories and seriously sculpting and toning your body.

So why you should sign up to this amazing fitness class?

Keep scrolling for five reasons why it’s the awesome exercise trend you need in your life.

Reformer Pilates has loads of celeb fans, including former Bachelorette Georgia Love.

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It’s low impact

If you have dodgy knee or ankle joints, KX Pilates founder Aaron Smith says reformer is the perfect low-impact exercise for you.

“You can’t run forever, you can’t lift heavy weights forever and you can’t do super high intensity workouts like F45 forever. You can only keep it up for so long. A lot of people come back to reformer Pilates because it’s a lot kinder on the body. You can workout at a high intensity the entire time but without putting pressure on your joints,” Aaron told Now To Love.

“All your joints start to go as you age and we have a lot of clients who are recovering from injuries. Pilates is low impact, but you’re still maintaining that strength and conditioning work,” he said.

Plus, you can get your cardio hit without having to pound the pavement.

“We focus on strength, balance, coordination and there’s a bit of cardio involved,” Aaron said.

“There are very few breaks and our classes are designed with moves that go back-to-back-to-back so your heart rate doesn’t get time to lower.”

New mum Kate Hudson is also a fan!

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You’re getting important strength training

Cardio used to be king, but greater awareness around weight training has taught women that skipping their treadmill workout for resistance-based exercises is actually better for their health, and gets more amazing results.

Health experts advise women to do weight training a few times a week.

“Strength training is really important later in life. If you don’t use it, you lose it,” Aaron said.

“Endurance training can help bone density and decrease the risk of osteoarthritis.”

Former Bachie star Keira Maguire is a fan of reformer.

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Get a toned stomach and a lifted bum!

Everyone wants that flat stomach and toned backside – and Pilates is the perfect exercise to get that look.

“Toning is huge. Curves are in and gone are the days where that thin, up-and-down body shape of women who wouldn’t really exercise but just eat a very small number of calories. They could maintain their weight, but they had no tone,” Aaron said.

“Shapes and curves are what society deems more sexy and Pilates helps you get a tone core and bottom,” he said.

Well, that’s us convinced!

Khloe Kardashian doing a group reformer Pilates class with her girlfriends.

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It’s perfect for pregnant women and new mums

Our core muscles go through the ringer during pregnancy and childbirth, which means it’s even more important to strengthen them before and afterwards.

Aside from getting your stomach back after having a baby, doing reformer both before and during your pregnancy can assist with your post-birth recovery.

“Every woman I’ve spoken to who has done reformer Pilates prior to having a child says they had a more successful pregnancy and a faster recovery after birth,” Aaron said.

“My wife had a c-section and she was back training in three to four weeks after having a baby and she did reformer Pilates for five years before having a baby,” he revealed.

WATCH BELOW: The best exercises to work your pelvic floor muscles. Story continues after video.

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It’s great for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles

Our pelvic floor muscles are crucial, but it can be really hard to train them and get them stronger.

But with Pilates, every single exercise helps your pelvic floor.

“The pelvic floor has the job of holding everything in. We teach you how to activate your pelvic floor and then it’s that constant reminder through every exercise,” Aaron said.

“The first thing we say is the pelvic floor needs to be activated. Most people at the gym they won’t even think about their core or their pelvic floor, but we put you in a different position so your core needs to be activated at all times. Once you activate it, the rest of the exercise is performed better.”

Plus, your abs are being worked throughout the entire 45-minute class.

“Pilates is all about working from the inside out. We are a full body workout, but in every exercise you’re doing, your core has to switch on, even if you’re working your arms, your core has to be activated,” Aaron said.

“So gone are the days when you have to do sit ups to straighten your core. Through stabilising and holding certain poses and focusing on the correct form, you’re working your core constantly.”

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