5 things Megan Gale has taught us about our own wellbeing

Top model and mum Megan Gale talks about the joy of motherhood and why she needs to make time for herself.
Megan Gale

1. What I’ve learnt about being a mum

It’s totally changed me. It puts a lot of things into perspective. Your child’s wellbeing is always at the forefront of your mind. It’s amazing – I look back at before I had River and realise there were so many things I worried about that weren’t important.

2. Good health is a gift to be cherished

Both [my partner, Shaun Hampson and my] dads passed away from cancer – my dad from asbestos-related lung cancer and Shaun’s from prostate cancer – so we both really appreciate what

a gift good health is. It’s paramount to look after yourself for you and for your family.

That’s really highlighted when you have a child – when I’m not well I can’t look after River the way that I want to.

3. I live my life by simple, yet important principles

Respecting how other people live their lives, and being kind-hearted – I think those things make for a good friend and a good partner, and I try to live by that.

4. How 2016 changed the way I view my health

Last year, I was the unhealthiest I’ve ever been. I had the flu, a chest infection, laryngitis, hand, foot and mouth disease, and a parasite in my gut. I got really run-down trying to juggle too many things.

I saw a nutritionist and went to Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat (in Queensland) where I went on a seven-day detox. And since then I’ve cut back on my coffee and gluten and sugar, and I feel so much better.

I learned a lot from being sick. I realised I need to carve out more time for myself and say no more often, so I can balance things better. I have started to do that recently and I’m feeling great now.

5. Why it’s vital that we all monitor stress

I try and watch my stress levels by staying in tune with my body. I will meditate for five or 10 minutes when I need to through the day, and it works wonders. Having some time to just go for

a walk or do yoga really replenishes me too.

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