That (random yet awesome) time I went for a run with Bachie alum Fireman Cam

... And all the things he told me about the bromantic workouts that went down in the Bachelorette Mansion and why Matty J would be the ultimate Bachelor (!!!).

By Ellie McDonald
If someone had’ve said that it would take Cameron Cranley less than one minute to convince me that chocolate Easter bunnies are a food group, well, I actually would’ve believed you.
That’s because, after going for a run (yes, a run) with this reality TV star as part of THE ICONIC SPORT Challenge, in just six minutes, Fireman Cam ~literally~ swept me up into his arms for a did-that-just-happen Instagram shot that I may or may not have sent to my mum as soon as his back was turned.
^^^ Shameless? You betcha.
While quite possibly wondering why I was heavily perspiring sitting in an air-conditioned room post-jog (it was the, err, 800-metre run, not nerves, I swear), the 26-year-old nice guy let me in on what the Bachelor boys got up to when Georgia Love wasn’t around and why Matty J will make a fitting new-season Bachie.
This is what else Cam told us...

The boys in the Bachie house work out as much as they vied for Georgia Love’s affection (read: a lot)

“The gym inside the [Bachelor] house was a rough gym but we made do - we even used some ropes to tie to the roof to do pull-ups."
“Everyone had their own workout routines. Matty J, at that point of time, was really big on doing, say, a 3K sprint, a sprint on a rower, then burpees and go through that a couple of times.”
“Lee and I liked to wake up in the morning and do hill sprints and go for a run – that was kind of our morning ritual. Then we’d go to the gym and lift.”
“I went hard on the free food in [the Bachelor] house [laughs], so the workouts balanced it out.”

His obsession with chocolate Easter bunnies rivals our own

“At the moment, I love Easter bunnies [laughs]. Cadbury Easter bunnies get me so bad. Especially when their broken, because I’m like, ‘Oh, they’re busted, so I just eat it’ [laughs].”

He works hard - and trains hard

“For work, I obviously have to be fit, so I’m given time at work to use the gym and keep fit. We get an hour to an hour-and-a-half each day to get in the gym, do ergo training, anything to keep fit."
“So I tend to lift as well as do a bit of core work. I lift outside of that, and I also like to box a couple of times a week.”

(What we all want to know) Why Matty J would make the ~best~ Bachelor

“I think he would be great at it. Honestly, people may have had him as the underdog [in The Bachelorette], but for the guys in the house, he was always a front-runner from the very start.
“We all knew he’d be there through to the end just because of his personality; he’s quick-witted, funny – he’s a bit of a package deal. I think he’d do very, very well because he’s not a boring character.”
“You know what, he’s the kind of guy I’d set my sister up with if she wasn’t married because he is authentic. He’s just a good guy.”
Cameron Cranley is the WA ambassador for THE ICONIC SPORT Challenge, running from Monday, February 27-May 28, with free registrations now open.