Matty J says he’d be honoured to be the next Bachelor

The beloved Bachelorette runner-up has certainly changed his tune over the matter and fans are giddy at the thought!

By Bella Brennan
Just last month, Matty J told Woman’s Day that starring as the 2017 Bachelor was a firm no.
“I kind of feel like I’ve just finished a marathon and the moment I’ve stepped across the finish line, someone’s asked me if I want to do another one. My first response would be no.”
“Almost knowing what I’ve been through and the other guys have been through, there’s been so many broken hearts – to be responsible for that for other people, I think would be such a difficult job. At the moment I think no,” he told us.
But time heals all wounds and it appears the Bondi babe is warming up to the idea of a second chance at love.
“I haven’t been asked but the fact that people are even suggesting I could be a good fit for it, I am really honoured by that. There’s definitely things that are appealing about the prospect of going on the show again,” the 29-year-old explained to The Saturday Telegraph.
“To have somebody else give you a selection of 15 to 20 really incredible girls, it is like someone else does the hard work for you.”
Matty J swept the nation off their feet!
Of course if he needs any advice, his best bet would be catching up with Sam Frost, who was originally opposed to becoming The Bachelorette after her public heartbreak with Blake Garvey.
However after chatting to the producers, Sam eventually agreed to star on the show and ended up falling in love with her new partner Sasha.
If that's not enough incentive Matty, we don't know what is!
WATCH: Matty J talks about his heartbreak. Post continues after the video...
Meanwhile Matty’s former flame Georgia Love has revealed her boyfriend, Lee Elliott, has been an incredible pillar of strength in the aftermath of her mother’s death.
“Lee’s been amazingly supportive, which nobody going into this would have wanted, to come out the other end of it to come and have to deal with all of this,” the reality star told The Daily Telegraph.
“The way he’s absolutely picked me up, we’ve cancelled so many media events that we were meant to have.”
Tragically, Georgia's mother Belinda lost her battle to pancreatic cancer in October. She was just 60 years old.

“He’s taken it on the chin and he’s been there for me, he’s been driving me around and picking me up out of bed when he needs to."
“He’s just been fantastic, I can’t imagine anyone who would’ve been half as supportive as him," the journalist said.
Over the weekend the sweet couple enjoyed a date night out to the musical Kinky Boots in Melbourne.

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