Rebecca Gibney shows off her dramatic body transformation in incredible before-and-after photos

''I’m over 50 and things will never be what they were.''

By Catie Powers
Australia's favourite Rafter mum Rebecca Gibney has revealed her new bod - and accompanying fitness regime - and her fans and co-stars are in absolute awe of the actress.
Rebecca, 56, has taken to social media to share her inspiring health journey with her followers.
Posting on Instagram last night, the Kiwi-born actress revealed she has been trying to lose the weight she gained for a role she played nine years ago.

"In 2012 I gained a lot of weight to play the role of Shirley Moochmore in PJ Hogans wonderful film Mental," the star wrote.
"As you can see from the pic Shirley had a good set of bingo wings going and after 9 years I finally thought I'd try and give the wings the flick."
The 56-year-old went on to ensure her fans she is not in a rush to achieve a 'bikini bod' and that her current fitness regime is more for her mental state.
"The thing is I'm not in a hurry and while I have managed to lose some weight and tone up I still have loose skin, cellulite, wobbly bits , wrinkles, freckles, age spots - you name it.
"I'm a mum, I'm over 50 and things will never be what they were and that's ok. Because what's important is I feel healthier and fitter than I have in a long time."
Rebecca has been documenting her fitness journey. (Instagram)
Rebecca even gave a shout-out to former Bachelor and personal trainer Sam Wood for his hand in her fitness journey, writing "thank you @drzacturner @samjameswood and Dave at Xceed Fitness".
Rebecca went on to ensure her fans that she was "still enjoying chocolate, wine, hot chips, Parmesan, potatoes, pasta" and more, and that she is not trying to "attain" anything other than "feeling better".
The Packed to the Rafters star ended her candid post with an inspiring message to her fans who are battling through their own health struggles.
"I guess what I'm trying to say is - if you're on a journey to health, mentally or physically, weight loss, or weight gain, or spiritual growth, or just trying to get through the days you just need to go easy on yourself .
"Life really is a journey not a destination and it has joyous bits and floppy bits, but underneath all the 'bits' we're all just the same. So be kind to yourself. Go gently. ♥️"
The star is about to return to one of her most beloved characters. (Instagram)
Rebecca's confession was met with a tidal wave of support not only from her fans, but also from some familiar faces.
Rebecca's former Packed to the Rafters co-stars were clearly touched by their friend's words.
The actress' on-screen son Hugh Sheridan wrote, "Love yoooooou 🤗" under the honest post, while other former PTTR actor Cameron Daddo penned, "You are a beauty... 2012.... 2021. Loved reading this. ❤️".
Personal trainer and former Biggest Loser coach Michelle Bridges was also loud with her support, commenting, "Get it gurl!!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💋💋💋"
And Home & Away actress Georgie Parker added a simple, "You're glowing ✊🏼" to the mix.
The reboot is almost here! (Instagram)
Earlier in the month, Rebecca shared a sneak peek of the all-new Back to the Rafters reboot, sending fans into a frenzy.
Taking to Instagram at the time, Rebecca, who plays Julie Rafter, posted a stunning snap of the Rafter family amidst filming in 2020.
"It was such a joy to reunite with this family (with some fantastic new additions)," Rebecca captioned the photo.
"And in a year that brought so much uncertainty - this was definitely one of my highlights from 2020. Back to the Rafters is coming to Amazon Prime Video in 2021."
We can't wait for the Rafter family to hit our screens once more!
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