EXCLUSIVE: "I would love to be involved!" Michelle Bridges says she's 100% in for a Biggest Loser reboot

Could The Biggest Loser be back in 2021?

By Bella Brennan
It's been nearly 15 years since The Biggest Loser first premiered in Australia, launching the careers of a myriad of trainers, hosts and contestants.
One of the most synonymous names connected to the TBL franchise is that of fiery, feisty, holds-no-punches trainer Michelle Bridges.
Michelle officially joined the weight loss reality show in the second season back in 2007 before departing the series in 2016.
While she's since gone on to build her own fitness empire with the hugely successful 12 Week Body Transformation, the 50-year-old says she'll always be thankful to the Biggest Loser for helping put her on the map.
And now, as rumblings of a possible TBL reboot continue to build, Michelle says she'd be keen to get the gang back together.
"I spent nine years of my life on that programme and it was a gift. If there was a reboot I would love to be involved, love to be," she tells Now To Love in an exclusive interview.
Ready for a reboot! "I spent nine years of my life on that programme and it was a gift. If there was a reboot I would love to be involved, love to be." (Images: The Biggest Loser, Instagram)
As for what The Biggest Loser would look like in 2021, the mother-of-one says it would need to be "quite different" while still maintaining the "fundamental elements of what The Biggest Loser was about."
"It was about giving people the tools to empower themselves, taking them through the ups and downs, opening up the different layers and barriers that we put upon ourselves in a self-sabotaging way," she notes.
"For me, that was a nine-year masters degree in psychology but also an incredibly rewarding experience when you see the penny drop," she reflects of her time on the show
The PT, who met her former partner Steve "The Commando" Willis thanks to the show, says she keeps in touch with several of the cast and contestants via Instagram.
"We're all on Instagram and we all DM and we all know where each other is at," the fitness guru explains.
Shannan Ponton, Michelle Bridges and her ex partner, Steve "The Commando" Willis, during their time as trainer on The Biggest Loser. (Image: The Biggest Loser)
Michelle's not the only star throwing her hat in the ring for a reboot.
"Without a doubt, the 10 years I spent on TBL was one of the highlights of my life! I absolutely loved transforming my contestants' lives. There is definitely hype and scope for TBL to return," Shannan explained at the time.
While there's still no official word on a Biggest Loser reboot, fans can catch their next glimpse of Michelle in the upcoming season of the Celebrity Apprentice.
"You'll be seeing me back on TV soon with a crazy, chaotic but very exciting show, which was extremely challenging but a lot of fun," she hints of her time on the realty TV show, which sees celebs go head-to-head in business challenges.
"I met some great people on it and remained good friends with a few of them which was lovely, so that's coming up around April/May," she reveals of its premiere date.