Olivia Newton-John denies having plastic surgery

At 67, Olivia Newton-John has never looked better. But over the weekend, the star confused fans when she denied ever undergoing any cosmetic procedures to help her maintain her youthful look.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph’s Stellar Magazine, the actress claimed to have avoided going under the knife.
“I’ve always said that I wanted to grow old gracefully and not cut and slash… So far I have, and I hope I can continue to do that,” the Grease star explained to the glossy.
“When I was down and depressed or after a break-up or something, but I couldn’t ever do anything. I couldn’t go through with it."
“I thought, ‘I don’t want to look like those women.’ Some of them look great, it doesn’t all look bad, but I couldn’t do it,” she added.
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However, many fans took to social media to question her comments.
“She's lying,” one user alleged.
“If she hasn't had surgery she has ODed on botox and fillers. None the less I love her, voice of an angel,” another said.But not everyone agreed and pointed out that the mother-of-one simple takes excellent care of herself.
One fan simply noted it could all be thanks to good make-up, “She looks the same, but with a ton of make-up, seriously.”
Over the years: On the right, Olivia in 1998 and on the left, she's pictured in 2015.
To get to the bottom of her claims, Woman’s Day spoke to plastic surgeon Dr James Southwell-Keely, who has not treated ONJ but has years of experience in the field.
“The main things that strike me are the fullness of her cheeks and that she is relatively wrinkle-free. She does not show the typical deflation and descent of the mid-face, rather she seems overinflated with filler or autologous fat,” Dr James Southwell-Keely tells us.
“Her smooth forehead could be accounted for with Botox. On another note her frontal hairline appears to have been lowered.”
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The Aussie superstar, pictured with her Grease co-star John Travolta in 1992, says her husband bring her herbs to help maintain her youthful glow.
In 2014, Olivia told The Today Show her best beauty secrets were good genetics, herbs and happiness.
"I'm very fortunate. I'm married to a man who bring herbs from the Amazon rain forest and feeds them to me every day," she mused of her partner, John Easterling.
"And my mother looked good. Even in her '80s so I'm lucky genetically. And I'm happy," she added.
“I’ve always said that I wanted to grow old gracefully and not cut and slash," the star, pictured with daughter Chloe Lattanzi, told Stellar magazine.

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