5 things you need to incorperate in your post gym recovery

Your body will thank you with endorphins for working up a sweat, but it will be a lot happier if you take care of it afterwards!
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We hear a lot about post-workout recovery nowadays, and while it’s important to put time and effort into your workout sessions, it’s just as vital to take care of yourself afterwards.

Without implementing the below post-gym recovery steps, your body can experience soreness and fatigue – both of which can lead to future injuries.

To help you prevent this and prepare you for your next workout, Woman’s Day caught up with Exercise Physiologist and Sport Injury Consultant, Jono Freeman, to find out his top five tips for post-gym recovery.

1. Foam Rolling

This inexpensive, cylindrical piece of equipment can be used to help with everything from working out a particularly stubborn knot, to increasing flexibility.

“A foam roller is a great tool that helps decrease stiffness around the joints. It does this by rolling out areas of connective tissue and allowing the joint to move more freely,” explains our expert.

Khloe Kardashian knows the importance of a post work out cool down.

2. Supplementation

While the goal is to eat enough of a balanced diet that supplements are deemed irrelevant, this can often be a pretty big feat.

“Supplements are a convenient way to fill small nutrient gaps that may be missing in our diets, however they should not take the place of real food,” says Jono Freedman.

“In saying this, a number of supplements may assist with reducing inflammation that has built up in our bodies after a workout. Fish oil, glucosamine and turmeric are popular choices.”

3. Eat Well

Raise your hand if you’ve ever accidentally eaten a burger after a workout because you deserved it, okay!?

“It’s so tempting to undo all of our good work after we’ve hit the gym, but supporting your efforts with a balanced and healthy diet is best for your body.”

Check out the best foods to eat before and after your workout here!

Try not to undo all of your hard work on a fast food craving!

4. Stretching

The importance of stretching is commonly overlooked – perhaps because the results aren’t often seen as quickly.

Elongating your muscles after a workout (to a satisfying stretch, not a painful one!) is a calming way to release lactic acid build-up in your muscles, which in turn can significantly reduce next-day soreness while improving your balance and posture.

“Stretching is great for tight muscles- just be careful not to overdo it!” says our fitness guru.

5. Anti-Inflammatory Gels

If after all of that, you’re still experiencing aches and pains in your joints, you can turn to an anti-inflammatory gel for relief.

Applying gels topically to the source of joint pain can help to ease stiffness and relieve pain and tension.

Let Gigi Hadid and her amazing boxing skills inspire you to hit the gym in the video player below!

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