Erin McNaught opens up about her recent miscarriage

Despite this truly sad event in her life, the Canberra-born beauty is still so thankful for her loving husband, Elliot ‘Example’ Gleave, and almost-two-year-old son Van.

By Ellie McDonald
It takes true strength to turn your grief into greatness…
Erin McNaught-now-Gleave, who is married to British rapper Example, revealed some heartbreaking news on The Morning Show earlier today: the model mum-of-one suffered from a miscarriage just last month.
And she used the breakfast show as a platform to encourage more women to talk about miscarriages so that other sufferers can find solace in the fact that this is, tragically, more common than some would think.
“We definitely want another baby,” Erin says, speaking of hers and Elliot’s dream of having a big family.
“But I sadly had a miscarriage last month… We’re totally fine, it’s just one of those things that is unfortunately really, really common and I’m in the really, really lucky position of already having Van.
“There are loads of women out there who have had so many miscarriages and they don’t have a child. It’s heartbreaking.”
Their bond never stronger, Erin and Elliott still hope to have more children in the future
Erin and Elliott have been happily married for three years.
The 34-year-old now-Londoner also explains that while this news was truly devastating, but she found a silver-lined kind of comfort in that she is not alone in this tragedy…
“I found solace in knowing how common it was because once I got talking, you realise just how many people are affected by it,” she says.
“If more people spoke about it, then it might not be as tough for people to go through.
“It’s always going to be horrible, but you can make it that little bit easier by talking about it.”

The former Miss Australia got together with her 34-year-old husband after interviewing him for her role as an MTV host in October 2011.
They were married at Deux Belettes guesthouse, near Ballina in New South Wales in May 2012, and Erin gave birth to their son, Evander ‘Van’ Gleave in December 2014.
Our thoughts are with Erin and Elliot during this difficult time.
If you feel that you need to talk to someone, contact beyond blue on 1300 224 636 or visit their website.

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