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Ricki-Lee Coulter's amazing weight loss transformation in pictures

She looks absolutely incredible!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Australia's Got Talent host Ricki-Lee Coulter cheekily refers to herself as "Thick-i-Lee", referencing the stunning curves that the gorgeous singer has become known for.
Ever since she first burst onto our screens on Australian Idol in 2003, Ricki-Lee has undergone quite the body transformation.
Looking back at pics from her time on Idol, the talented singer was rocking some seriously classic early noughties looks, complete with the white statement jacket, thin eyebrows, Nice Going Out Tops and tiny purses that we all used to fawn over in those days.
Ricki-Lee and fellow Australian Idol contestant Em Rusciano at Sydney's Cargo Bar in 2004. Getty
Ricki-Lee pictured in 2004 at the premiere of Blade Trinity. Getty
At the 2014 ARIA Awards. Getty
But it was around 2009 when Ricki-Lee says she experienced a "really ugly period" in her life that shaped her into the woman she is today.
She had gained a bit of weight and was a self-described "proud size 14", but it's what was going on inside her head that was really doing her damage.
"For me - 2009 was a big year of change and was a HUGE turning point in my life. It was the year that I finally found the strength to walk away from, and close the door on a really ugly period of my life and became the woman you see today," she wrote on Instagram recently.
Rick-Lee performing at an event in 2009. Getty
In 2009 Ricki-Lee was a size 14. Getty
At Nova's 969 launch party in 2009. Getty
At the 2009 Logie Awards. Getty
It was in 2011 that Ricki-Lee decided to take charge of her health and she lost a whopping 30kg!
When she turned up at Melbourne Cup in 2011, people could hardly believe it was the same person.
Ricki-Lee stunned onlookers in 2011 with her body transformation. Getty
Ever since then, Ricki-Lee says she has stuck to a dedicated health and fitness regimen.
"I'm not one of those girls who is naturally thin and can eat whatever I want. I am consistent with the food I eat day in day out and I work my ass off in the gym ... literally!" she wrote on Instagram in 2015.
"I go through phases where I let go a little bit and relax my training and indulge in my guilty pleasures more than usual ... we all do!
"And I think it's good for the soul to do that. But for the most part, my life is routine. I eat the same clean foods every day, I train hard 6 days a week and don't drink alcohol regularly. I plan my 'cheat meals' and work hard to earn them and I savour every mouthful! And then I'm sweating it off the next day in the gym."
A gorgeous bikini snap from 2017. Instagram
Ricki-Lee says she uses this pic as motivation whenever she needs it! Instagram
This snap was taken in November 2018. Instagram
What a babe! Instagram
The gorgeous star pictured in July 2010. Instagram
Rick-Lee says she used to drink "a lot" of alcohol and had a bad diet.
"I used to be the girl who ate whatever she wants ... all the time ... and I wouldn't say I was healthy at all. I never exercised and my diet was made up mostly of junk food and take away and I was drinking a lot of alcohol," she said.
WATCH BELOW: The Australia's Got Talent act that left Ricki-Lee Coulter in tears. Story continues after video.
"But six years ago, I decided to make a change ... I wanted to get healthy and be fitter than I'd ever been and I am so proud of myself for sticking to it and getting there despite all the nay-sayers," she wrote.
"There were, and still are a lot of people that don't understand why — and hate on me for changing, but I don't care because I made those decisions for me and me only ... and it's only made my life better.
"We can be our own worst enemy sometimes ... the key is to be kind to yourself and honest with yourself. Don't beat yourself up if you have a bad day, just get back on the horse and keep going! If you believe in yourself ... you really are unstoppable."
Ricki-Lee pictured at an event in October 2019. Getty
Good on you Ricki-Lee!

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