“I’m alive!” Grant Denyer’s wife Chezzi is recovering after emergency surgery for debilitating migraines

“I’m alive! I’m very much alive (even though my eyes tell a different story).”
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Chezzi Denyer only recently revealed that she was struggling with debilitating migraines, and now she’s undergone emergency sinus surgery to try and get some relief.

Taking to Instagram, the 38-year-old shared a health update alongside a painful-looking selfie just hours after the procedure was completed.

“I’m alive! I’m very much alive (even though my eyes tell a different story 😂) My Doc @drwilliammooney says the operation was a HUGE success, which is exactly what I wanted to hear,” the wife of Family Feud host Grant Denyer wrote.

“I’m feeling sore but not too bad. I’ve swallowed heaps of blood (🤢) which makes me feel quite queasy and I have very low blood pressure for some reason, but all in all I feel pretty good.”

“I’m on a lot of medication to reduce inflammation and bruising and now it’s just recovery and rest for me for the next few days…”

The mother-of-two added: “I’m missing my babies terribly but they’re in good hands – thanks Mum!”

Writing on her personal blog The Chezzi Diaries, the television producer opened up about the debilitating condition that left her “struggling to get through everyday life.”

“Some days are worse than others. Some days I have such severe vertigo that I nearly fall over if I get up too quickly or if I move my head in a certain way,” she wrote.

“Even this post has taken me nearly seven days to write, little by little. And it is seriously driving me crazy…”

Chezzi went on to thank her husband Grant and mum Shelley for their ongoing support.

“My beautiful and loving husband is my tower of strength and I’ve been depending on him so much lately, and I love him to absolute pieces. Thank you, Grant. And when he’s away, my other pillar is my beautiful mum, Shelley and I’m so grateful for this support and love.”

We wish Chezzi a very speedy recovery!

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