Laughing through tears: Shannen Doherty shares the emotional moment she shaved her head

"I look like Bart Simpson".

By Katie Skelly
Shannen Doherty

As she continues on her road to recovery, Shannen Doherty is looking back on one of the most personal and emotional moments of her breast cancer journey – the day she shaved her head in July last year.

In a rare clip posted to her Instagram account, the brave actress sheds tears while laughing: "I look like Bart Simpson".

"This day, when I first had to shave my head since my hair was falling out from chemo.....laughing thru the tears. It's grown back since. Funny how hair at the time seems like such a big deal," she shared.

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Shannen Doherty continued to “fight like a girl” as she steps out for the first time since completing chemotherapy earlier this month.

The 45-year-old was the bell of the ball in a sleek, black dress as she hosted the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation’s first Gratitude Gala in LA at the weekend, where she spoke out about the incredible progress she’s made.

“I feel great. I mean, I feel good, I’m super positive, I’m happy with where I’m at right now,” the former Charmed actress told Us Weekly.

“Cancer, for me, as hard as it is, has been a blessing. It has changed who I am as a human being forever. It’s altered my life in ways I can’t even speak of.”

Shannen has been open about her battle with breast cancer since her 2015 diagnosis.
Shannen has been open about her battle with breast cancer since her 2015 diagnosis.

The self-professed “cancer slayer” continued, explaining how her shock 2015 diagnosis made her realise the importance of giving back.

“To just infuse all of that positive energy that I have behind me from my cancer family out there that support me, and for everybody who is down with the 'Cancer Slayer', they’re now here," she says.

"I just feel so blessed and so lucky in my life.”

The evening saw the survivor present a truly touching speech, which Us Weekly reports was proudly taped by the star’s husband of five years, Kurt Iswarienko.

"Cancer can be isolating and depressing, can be all-consuming. Cancer can overwhelm your life," she told the audience.

"Seeing animals being rescued touched my heart and they renew my determination to dig deep and continue my own personal fight.”

Doherty’s two-year battle, which has seen her undergo a single mastectomy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, has been documented along the way in raw and revealing Instagram posts.

Speaking to People magazine about her decision to let fans in on such a difficult time, she says: "I just thought, I was doing something that was beneficial, maybe to myself and others, and maybe through that journey we could all learn something."

"I learned a lot from my fans who follow me and my cancer family who post and tell me about their journey."

Now To love wishes Shannen the very best as she enters the next stage of her treatment.