Kim Kardashian’s beloved Keto diet ranked dead last for diets in 2018

And no surprise which one came first - obviously the one encouraging wine.
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New Year, new you… right? We’re sure many of you decided 2018 was finally going to be your year; you’d stop binging on crap and mid-week wine sessions.

Even if you’ve already broken all of those resolutions (guilty), a study was released detailing the best and worst diets in 2018 by US News & World Report.

Shockingly the Keto diet – which allows you less carbs than a single apple – ranked dead last.

The diet’s extremely high fat content, around 70 per cent of your daily calorie intake, plus extremely low carb levels often left people fatigued and light-headed.

“The keto diet is just not sustainable over the long term. It doesn’t teach you how to acquire healthy eating habits. It’s good for a quick fix, but most people I know can hardly give up pasta and bread, let alone beans and fruit,” nutritionist Lisa Drayer told CNN.

Equally as bad is the Dukan diet, mainly because it’s ridiculously confusing and complex. Oh, also its creator was sued for fraud and removed from the French medical register for it so… there’s that.

On the other end of the spectrum, the DASH and Mediterranean diet tied for first place.

“What I love about both the DASH and Mediterranean diets is that they offer guiding principles for eating, like eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, fish, legumes, nuts and low-fat dairy foods,” Drayer said.

“I personally love the fact that a daily glass of red wine is encouraged as part of the Mediterranean diet.”

The DASH diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (can’t think why they shortened it) and is basically just full of all the good stuff – veggies, fruit, lean meat, nuts and dairy – and studies showed the diet could reduce blood pressure in weeks.

Anyway, we’re off to have a glass of wine… I mean it’s a part of the diet so we have to.

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