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Witnessing while sizzling: How to look chic at a summer wedding without melting into oblivion

Lovely ceremony and all but where's the damn water?

By Jess Pullar
If you live in Australia, chances are you'll have experienced simultaneously feeling both elated and exasperated about attending a wedding in summer.
Yep, while the nuptials are undoubtedly sweet - and the couple even sweeter - standing in 40 degree heat watching them seal the deal is, well, not as palatable.
In fact, at times it can be downright unpleasant. And sweaty. Panic ensues.
The scenario is not uncommon: Standing in the only bit of shade you can find beside a packed gazebo, you're likely to be downing champagne like there's no tomorrow because it's the only liquid readily available (aka, it's coming to you via a roving waiter - why they don't include water with their bubbles-ridden trays is beyond us).
Distressingly, we all know how that can end up - heat and alcohol are not the world's best combo.
But what if we told you that it's possible to get through a scorcher of a wedding without feeling like you might melt into the ground?
What you wear plays a pretty big role in this, so we did the research and came back with this season's best wedding guest outfits that promise an easy, breezy experience, no matter how high the mercury levels rise.
Keep scrolling for the best styles to look out for this season.
Bec Judd and Anna Heinrich know how to nail summer wedding fashion. (L-R Instagram, Getty)
And Nadia Bartell's style gives us inspo a-plenty. (Instagram /@nadiabartell)

1. Chiffon chic

When it comes to fabrics, you probably don't need to be told twice that keeping it light is the way to go.
No matter if the dress code is cocktail, smart casual or black tie, chiffon is guaranteed to look wedding-ready, and is delightfully light to boot.
Check out our favourite chiffon styles below:
ASOS DESIGN midi dress in washed chiffon, $40. Buy it online here. (ASOS)
Atmos&Here valerie chiffon dress, $47.99. Buy it online via The Iconic here. (The Iconic)

2. Grecian glamour

There's a reason why Greece made this signature style a thing - sure, the heat there is a lot, but Aphrodite still wanted to look good, obvs.
That's why Grecian-style goddess silhouettes are your best bet when it comes to finding an outfit for a summer wedding.
Check out our favourite Grecian styles below:
Ester demitria dress, $79.95. Buy it online here. (Esther)
Boohoo petitie plunge drape maxi dress, $18. Buy it online here. (Boohoo)

3. Maxi-maven

While short, flirty summery dresses are perfect for a hot day, they're not exactly wedding appropriate. But fear not, maxi-dresses will always have a place in the world, not least for their ability to adapt to any and every dress code.
If you're attending a summer wedding on a rip roaring scorcher of a day, opt for a maxi in a lighter cotton or linen. Paired with some open heels or sandals - you'll be away laughing (and ideally not sweating).
Check out our favourite maxi-dress styles below:
Forever New darla tiered maxi dress, $169.95. Buy it online here. (Forever New)
ASOS DESIGN cami maxi dress in crinkle chiffon, $104. Buy it online here. (ASOS)

4. Linen love

As mentioned above, linen is a great, breathable fabric that'll help to keep you cooler for longer, so we highly recommend opting for a garment made of this good stuff.
What's more, linen is having a total moment right now in the fashion landscape, so there's a plethora of different styles out there to choose from.
Check out our favourite linen styles below:
Dazie ibiza halter linen dress, $79.99. Buy it online via The Iconic here. (The Iconic)
Forever New heather utility jumpsuit, $139.99. Buy it online here. (Forever New)

5. Short, yet structured

While it can be rocky territory when it comes to picking a shorter hem for a wedding, don't be afraid to dip your toes (and your exposed knees) into a chic mini-style for a summertime soirée.
But be mindful - weddings are often dominated by smart dress-codes, so aim for a structured, smarter style if you're opting to go short.
Check out our favourite short styles below:
ASOS DESIGN self stripe mini dress, $84. Buy it online here. (ASOS)
Forever New maple one-shoulder dress, $159.99. Buy it online here. (Forever New)

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