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Put it all on Oaks: The best trends to wear trackside for Oaks Day 2019

Florals. Spring. You get the gist.

By Jess Pullar
Each year, the Spring Racing season brings us a plethora of fashion inspiration that isn't quite like anything else - and the renowned Kennedy Oaks Day certainly doesn't buck the trend.
But while some Spring Racing events have strict dress codes by colour (we're looking at you Derby Day), Oaks Day technically sticks to general dress tradition - although there's an unspoken ladies agreement for this particular event: Floral and feminine.
Indeed the official dress code of Oaks Day, also known as Ladies Day, is much the same as many other Spring Racing days, which simply forbids jeans, shorts, leggings, caps and other casual clothing.
But in the glorious years in which we've seen the glamorous spectacle unfold, it seems the unofficial dress code has morphed into an explosion of florals, pastels and feminine silhouettes.
In 2019, Oaks Day falls on November 7, so you can bet we're in the thick of some serious outfit planning.
Count on the fact that November 7 is going to involve an influx of florals. (Getty)
Last year, we saw a slew of Australia's most talked about ladies rock many a pink palette as they took Melbourne's infamous Birdcage by storm.
Among the best dressed? Well, we couldn't look past Jennifer Hawkins' fitted floral midi, and Aussie model Brooke Hogan would have made Mean Girls' Regina George proud on a Wednesday with her all-pink get-up.
This year, the trend forecast is looking brighter and better than ever before - so we decided to round up the best trends (and the best dresses) to go for come November 7.
Keep scrolling for all the Ladies Day inspiration you'll need this year - just add a mimosa and we're ready to roll.
WATCH: Ksenija Lukich takes us through her favourite race day makeup look. Story continues after video...

1. Lace love

It wouldn't be Oaks Day without a splash of lace in the sea of race-goers, and lucky for us, the world of feminine, classy and oh-so-chic lacey silhouettes is endless.
While some lace-styles can be considered a little, well, racy, the trick is knowing where to look - and we reckon we've found some gems.
Perfect for Oaks Day and beyond, check out our favourite lace-clad picks below:
Paper Dolls flutter sleeve 2 in 1 lace pencil dress, $69.50. Buy it via ASOS here. (ASOS)
Forever New frankie petite lace maxi dress, $169.99. Buy it online here. (ASOS)

2. Tuxdeo trending

In what might be the greatest fashion plot twist of the 2010s, the traditional masculine tuxedo has been given new life in a refreshingly feminine way - and we're here for it.
You might have noticed the likes of Meghan Markle hopping on-board the tuxedo-dress band-wagon, and for us, that's all the inspo we need when it comes to our Oaks Day look book.
Check out our favourite tuxedo styles perfect for Ladies Day below:
Forever New olivia petite sleeveless blazer dress, $79.95. Buy it online here. (Forever New)
ZARA floral print blazer dress, $239. Buy it online here. (ZARA)

3. Pink and puffy

While not everyone is into an ultra girly silhouette, this next quirky trend might sway you.
There's no denying puff sleeves are having a major moment right now, and the feminine style is perfect for Oaks Day frivolity.
They do say the bigger the puff, the better the day (well, actually we just made that up, but it's totally a thing), so hop on board these chic styles we've picked out below:
ASOS DESIGN satin midi tea dress, $76. Buy it online here. (ASOS)
ASOS DESIGN Luxe milkmaid mini dress, $152. Buy it online here. (ASOS)

4. All-frills approach

What's a feminine ensemble without a touch of frill?
When it comes to Oaks Day, you'll find it hard not to spot a frill or two, no matter which way you look - so why not get amongst the atmosphere by adding a playful hem.
The below styles boast a frill that adds volume, and va-va-voom to your race day wish list:
SIR gabriel ruffled cotton mini dress, $167. Buy it online via MatchesFashion here.
ZARA ruffled metallic thread dress, $69.95. Buy it online here. (ZARA)

5. Headband heaven

If you've come this far, then you're undoubtedly already aware that headbands are, quite frankly everything right now.
Worn on the crown and like a crown, these puppies are sleek, chic and add the perfect feminine flourish to any ensemble.
You can thank headband queen Kate Middleton for the inspo on this one - check out our favourite headbands on the Aussie market below:
Morgan & Taylor satin turban headband, $24. Buy it via The Iconic here. (The Iconic)
Sportsgirl blush velvet padded headband, $14.95. Buy it online here. (Sportsgirl)

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