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Don't be dowdy on Derby: The chicest trends to get on board with for Derby Day 2019

We'll take the lot.

By Jess Pullar
In these parts, we're thinking about one thing only when November rolls around each year - fashion.
When the Spring Racing season falls upon us, we are met with a plethora of options when it comes to matters of the wardrobe.
And while the racing season is a time to get creative with fashion, there's just one thing we need to be mindful of - dress codes.
Yep, despite plenty of change afoot in our modernised world, the likes of race day fashion remains steadfast when it come to etiquette, and Derby Day is a prime example.
Derby Day, which falls on November 2 this year, is possibly the most renowned for its dress code - all black and white everything.
Yep, you've got two solid options when it comes to this trackside spectacle, either breaking out a pitch black ensemble or a pearly white masterpiece.
When you think about it, that does kind of make things easier when it comes to picking an outfit.
Say you're stuck between picking two different styles, but only one comes in black or white? If that's not fate we don't know what is...
Derby Day's dress code is straight and narrow. (Getty)
Bec Judd knows how to nail the race day brief. (Getty)
This season, we're also seeing a few different race day trends peek through that are not only classy, but dripping in that je ne sais quois one hopes to achieve, no matter how many glasses of bubbly are consumed throughout the day.
So, without further ado, we've rounded up the very best Derby Day trends and dresses for 2019. Happy scrolling (and shopping)...
WATCH: Ksenija Lukich walks us through her ultimate Spring Racing makeup look. Story continues after video.

Trend 1: Living for linen

Unless you've been somewhere near the Antarctic for the last few weeks, you'll likely have noticed that linen - and a lot of it - is having a big moment right now.
Hitting many a rack, walking many a street and gracing many a mag, it seems there's no end to floaty and fitted linen dresses, and we're here for it.
The style also lends itself perfectly for Derby Day - so we found some goodies that you might be swayed by:
BWLDR atlanta linen blend dress, $119.95. Buy it via The Iconic here. (The Iconic)
ASOS DESIGN linen midi dress, $45.50. Buy it online here. (ASOS)

Trend 2: Silky satins

The great thing about race day is that it's actually during the day. Genuinely, it feels like you've got endless hours to soak up the sunshine and drink bubbles with your pals.
And with that said, we can't really blame you if your big day out turns into a big night out. Hence why we're all the more grateful for this next trend - satin.
Perfect for taking you from daytime to evening-wear without doing, well anything, you'll likely have seen some cute, classy styles in the shiny fabric of late.
And if you're looking at rocking it all the way to Derby Day this year, there's no shortage of options. Check out a couple of styles we're drooling over below:
ZARA satin camisole dress, $69.95. Buy it online here. (ZARA)
TOPSHOP satin tux dress, $79.95. Buy it via The Iconic here. (The Iconic)

Trend 3: Don't halt the halter

If there's one thing we're truly hopeful for come race day, it's that the sun makes its presence well and truly known.
That's why when it comes to picking out a dress, we believe the more summery, the better.
The current halter-neck trend is a match made in heaven - whether you're going for the Meghan Markle x Stella McCartney wedding dress vibe, or a classic spagetti strap halter fondly reminiscent of our fave now-not-so-disastrous fashion looks from The OC, the below looks will have you covered.
CHANCERY azalea cocktail dress, $129.95. Buy it via The Iconic here. (The Iconic)
TOPSHOP satin halter dress, $59.95. Buy it via The Iconic here. (The Iconic)

Trend 4: Whack on a hat

Is there anything classier than a sleek 'do, complete with a chic cocktail dress and Champagne in hand? Well, if you add an outdoor event and a wide-brim hat to the mix, then we think you'll find that yes, there is something classier - and the headgear will do it.
Hats and the races go together like peas and carrots, so we highly recommend hopping aboard the wide-brim craze STAT.
And there's an added bonus - not only will you look good, but you'll also feel good with the sound knowledge that you're protecting your skin from those pesky UV rays. Being sun smart is always in fashion.
Check out our favourite hats of the season below:
Morgan & Taylor leya boater, $79.95. Buy it online here. (Morgan & Taylor)
Morgan & Taylor oversized round crown hat, $99.95. Buy it via Myer here. (Myer)

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