Duchess Meghan has an unlikely connection with Ivanka Trump, particularly when it comes to fashion

Royalty and American 'royalty' collide.

By Alex Lilly
It's pretty common knowledge that Duchess Meghan is not a fan of President Trump.
The American-born former royal not only labelled him a "divisive misogynist" back in 2016 but also did not meet with the US president and his family when they visited the UK on a state visit - though that's more likely due to the fact she was on maternity leave.
However, the Duchess of Sussex does have an unlikely link to another member of the US First Family- eldest daughter Ivanka Trump.
Before Harry came into the picture, Meghan even interviewed the socialite and businesswoman for her now defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig.
In the post, she described Ivanka as "staggeringly beautiful, no question, but so incredibly savvy and intelligent" before going on to describe how she made a name for herself, despite growing up with such privilege.
"Don't get me started on her jewellery collection: the late night 'window shopping' I have done on my computer, snuggled up in my bed with a glass of wine, staring longingly at the beautiful designs," she penned in 2014.
The two even planned to catch up over dinner and drinks in New York with Meghan finishing her post by saying, "This much I know – when we have drinks, I will make sure I order whatever she does – because this woman seems to have the formula for success (and happiness) down pat."
Meghan admitted she went "late night window shopping" on her computer in bed with a glass of wine over Ivanka's jewellery collection. (Image: Instagram @meghanmarkle)
As well as their drive and similar taste in jewellery, Meghan and Ivanka seem to have the same sense of style as well.
Though one grew up in a flashy New York penthouse and the other across the country in sunny LA, both women favour chic and timeless fashion over the crazy looks we see on other celebrities.
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