Light up your Christmas Day celebrations with these beautiful outfits designed by our favourite local Australian brands

You can wear these looks well past 25th December.

By Faye Couros
Christmas Day is one of the most underrated days in the fashion calendar.
It's free from expectations, and you can really lean into your personal style when it comes to structure, colour, and aesthetics.
There is no need to appear fashion-forward or on-trend either, as the festive season calls for comfort above all.
We are usually spoilt with sunny Christmases in our Aussie climate, which means we don't have to worry about rugging up. Instead, we can wear billowing summer dresses, loose fits, and that effortlessness means we are naturally more relaxed in the way one can be while on holiday.
Every family dresses up in different ways - some prefer more a glamorous affair, while others are happy to kick back and relax - but ultimately we all love keeping an item neatly folded to bring out for Christmas.
It's not that we won't wear it again (we are most definitely in the re-wear camp), it's just thrilling to bring it out for its debut on Christmas.
We love that thrill of walking into a room filled with your family in a piece that inspires conversation - and the most treasurable gift of all, a genuine compliment.
One wish you can grant this year for our fashion industry is buying Australian because we really do have some of the best brands in the world.
So, while we are no fashion capital, we are a more significant player in the business than we realise.
There is something so delectable about wearing an outfit you know was designed with an Australian perspective that speaks to our more casual and wearable style.
To take out the legwork of walking from boutique to boutique, we have found some winning Christmas Day outfits by Australians.