Let's get merry! These celebrities are getting into the Christmas spirit, and Santa couldn't be more starstruck

The happiest time of the year!

By Faye Couros
Ah, the most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us, and in the lead up to the grand day, it's tradition to visit Santa, put up a tree and sing some carols.
For families with young children, it's all the more special to dress up the kids in their Sunday best to head over to a local department store and visit the big red man.
Even though there is sometimes a long line, the anticipation in the air makes the wait even more exciting.
Once inside, a winter wonderland awaits with elves, lollies, and faux snowflakes, and as the children gasp with glee, some babies will end up in tears despite Santa's jolly bellow.
No matter the experience, those pictures will live on forever as they adorn desks, make the cover of annual Christmas cards, and sprinkle Instagram.
For friends, it's also a fun opportunity to get dressed up and tap into their inner child to get into the spirit of dreams and glitter.
Some of your favourite Aussie celebrities have headed inside the land of mystic Noel, and their portraits are as delightful as a surprise gift.
Here are their most festive and adorable celebrity Christmas shots – oh, it's so sweet seeing them get into it!