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Why you’ll NEVER see Meghan Markle wearing wedges

Love the ease, the convenience, of wedged heels? Us, too. Well, if she wants to keep in with the Queen, Meghan Markle will have to give them up. But why?

By Ellie McDonald
Even though she's known for breaking Royal protocol (even on her wedding day!), it seems there is one hard and fast Royal fashion rule she isn't prepared to break - and apparently it's because of the Queen.
According to Vanity Fair, the Queen isn't a fan of a particular type of shoe, and not even Duchess Catherine will wear them in front of Her Majesty (despite doing so at other non-formal events).
"The Queen isn't a fan of wedged shoes," the Vanity Fair source says.
"She really doesn't like them and it's well known among the women in the family."
Meghan may not have taken an almost-tumble at Prince Harry's cousin's wedding if she was wearing wedges and not stilettos!
When the Queen isn't around, Catherine loves rocking wedges.
Wedges aside, there are a lot of things that the newly minted Duchess of Sussex will have to give up to be a part of the Royal family, if she hasn't already.
As previously reported by Now To Love, Meghan has already left behind her beloved Instagram account, as well as her American accent (watch this video of Meghan sporting a very posh new English twang).
Not only that, but Meghan, 36, has also had to give up eating garlic (this is to avoid having bad breath during important Royal events), her acting job (sniff, Suits!), dark nail polish, wearing shorts and tights, and potentially even her US citizenship.
And the same goes for showing any midriff…
Despite having to commit to all these sacrifices, it seems that Meghan is taking it all in her stride, making Royal events, like Trooping the Colour, and buddying up to her grandmother-in-law, the Queen, her priority.
But just because she's taking her new role as a top-tier Royal very seriously, that doesn't mean that she's not "completely normal" Meghan Markle.
English journalist Bryony Gordon, who is said to be quite close with Prince Harry and Meghan, says that Meghan is as "normal" as they come, adding: "She is beautiful, graceful, lovely." During their most recent lunch together, they chatted about Meghan's favourite workouts – "she loves running" – and Meghan even offered Bryony her lunch! "She offered me some of her monkfish," she says.
That's one thing Meghan won't, and should never have to, give up for love: that all-American hospitality. And we don't think the Queen, or Prince Harry, would make her...