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Aha! We’ve uncovered the reason why the Queen and Meghan Markle have bonded so quickly

You’d be barking mad not to notice for yourself.

By Ellie McDonald
Upon hearing that Queen Elizabeth II had invited her former-actress, now-Duchess granddaughter-in-law Meghan Markle on a train trip that not even Duchess Catherine was invited to, we were quietly left scratching our heads…
Like, think about it: not even Prince William or Prince Harry have been invited to travel to an event with the Queen on her train. So, why Meghan? And why so soon after the wedding?
Well, as a body language expert has revealed, Meghan and the Queen are building a formidable bond. But why? Well, apparently it all comes down to their love of… Dogs!
Meghan and the Queen laughing along in Cheshire.
The Queen just can't stop laughing!
As reported by Grazia UK, Royal writer and biographer Christopher Andersen says that just because the rest of the Royal family couldn't get along with the Queen's corgis, didn't mean that Meghan wouldn't.
"Everyone in the Royal Family, without exception, detests the Queen's corgis, and the corgis return the favour," he says.
"Charles, Philip, Anne, Andrew, Edward, William, Harry, all have gone on record saying they cannot abide Her Majesty's dogs. They bark, they nip, they pee everywhere, and they are famous for sweeping into a room and tripping people up. But they love Meghan. And the Queen has practically adopted Meghan's adorable rescue beagle, Guy."
Meghan has formed a bond with the Queen and her corgis that others in the Royal family couldn't.
Their love of animals has brought them together.
And we can attest to this fact, having spotted the Queen looking after, even travelling with, Meghan's beloved Guy ahead of Harry and Meghan's Royal Wedding.
At the time, the Queen and Meghan hadn't been seen riding together in a car – instead, Meghan's pet pooch pipped her to the post.
There's nothing like forming a friendship over a mutual love of a couple of cute pooches!

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