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Victoria Beckham kept her first date dress, saving it for daughter Harper

There’s no doubt that Harper Beckham already has the most fashionable dress-up box in tinsel town, and now it’s about to get even more stylish.
The three-year-old's mum, Victoria has indulged her adorable daughter’s love for fashion in the most amazing way, by keeping the dress she wore on her first ever date with husband David.
The former Spice Girl turned fashion designer has revealed that she couldn’t bear to part with the orange-coloured mini dress and has kept it hidden away to hand it down to Harper when she’s older. And hopefully generations to follow.
"I couldn't give away the dress I first wore when I went out with David. It was a little high-street suede mini dress so I've kept that for her [Harper],” the 40-year-old told Stylist Magazine.
The mother-of-four, who recently done an epic cleanout of her VAST personal fashion collection to raise money for the charity mothers2mothers, also confessed to keeping her wedding dress.
Victoria sold off over 600 pieces from her giant designer wardrobe on designer Outlet site, theOutnet.com, something which she described as "cathartic."
Victoria recently tweeted this picture of the dress she wore on her first ever date with David.
"We went through 20 years of clothes and shoes, hundreds of boxes and rails, and it feels cathartic to have had such a big clear out for such a great cause.
"There was a lot of hilarity, some bad dressing up 'selfies' and a few emotional moments, too."
Of opening her first stand-alone store in London, the mother-of-four said she’s grateful for everything she’s achieved.
"Five years ago, if you'd have said that I'd have a store on Dover Street, I'd never have believed it. I feel really, really lucky,” she said.

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