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Picture of Barbie without makeup goes viral

Barbie without makeup by Eddi Aguirre.
Like hundreds of celebrities before her, Barbie has been photographed without makeup — to the delight of social media users around the world.
The images — created by graphic designer Eddi Aguirre — show what Barbie would look like without her war paint, and it's not pretty.
Instead of her usual flawless look, Barbie sports frizzy hair, freckles, shiny skin, yellow teeth, under-eye bags, blemishes and uneven skin tone — in short, she looks exactly like most of us do every single morning when we get out of bed.
The make-under has been a huge success, being shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media hundreds of thousands of times.
"I wish they could have shown me this when I was a kid," one commentator wrote. "I always thought Barbie was so perfect. Maybe I'd be less self-conscious without makeup if I'd seen this earlier!"
Another added: "For the most part I like her better like this, much more 'real' looking."
But while many viewers loved Barbie's new natural look, others thought Aguirre had gone too far.
"I fail to see what's wrong with admiring beauty," one wrote. "Even if it's the beauty of a Barbie. Why do we need to destroy something that has been an icon for generations? Because some people feel inadequate in comparison? Stop comparing yourself. Don't blame her."
"I didn't know 'natural' meant you looked like you've been up all night and you smoke drugs," another said. "I think I just saw Ken running away in horror!"

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