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These budget $19 leggings have taken the fashion world by storm and we're buying them NOW

We'll take four pairs, please.

By Jess Pullar
We're sorry, but the old saying 'don't wear tights-as-pants' is officially defunct.
You can't really be surprised - these days, people wear pyjamas in public, bike shorts are a fashion statement and even active wear is considered office-appropriate in many workplaces (provided there are no surprise client meetings!).
Now, here to completely turn the aforementioned phrase on its head is the latest clothing item taking the Aussie fashion market by storm - and for a fraction of the price you'd expect.
The humble legging has even been worn by fashion icons Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle. (Images: Getty)
Enter Amazon's $19 high-waisted leggings - flattering, comfortable, and coveted by Australian women of all shapes and sizes.
In fact, the leggings are being snapped up so quickly, it'd be no wonder if they became the best-selling leggings in the country.
These $19 leggings available on Amazon have taken Australia by storm. (Images: (L) Instagram / @shelby.nisius (R) Amazon)
Designed by Satina, the leggings come in no less than 25 different colours.
In addition, the high-waistline style and polyester/spandex fabric mix flatters almost every body shape - is anyone else getting Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants vibes now?
It's a perfect fit! (GIF: Giphy)
Legging-fans across the world have sung the budget item's praises, with many sharing their love for them on Instagram.
One fan, who posted a photo of herself in the leggings while at the gym, wrote: "Obsessed with these rust red babies, I'm 5 foot and 1 and a half inches so all full length leggings are long on me and my ankles are the size of some people's wrists."
She continued: "So ignore how baggy the ankles look and just appreciate the color since you can't feel how amazingly soft they are."

And good news for mums-to-be out there - they're also the perfect, comfortable accessory for a growing baby bump.
Instagram user and fashion blogger Pamela Tsakoumakis, who has more than 4,000 followers, shared a photo of herself in the leggings while sporting a cute baby bump, writing: "32 weeks preggy & these leggings are BFF. They are under $15 from @amazonfashion & they are the softest most comfy pair I have ever owned."
Fashion blogger Pamela Tsakoumakis swears by the leggings. (Image: Instagram / @pamelas_pantry)
Buyers have also taken to the Amazon website to share their love for the style.
One wrote: "These are the SOFTEST and most comfortable leggings I have ever worn! I have been running my hand down the pants for 10 minutes now just because of how soft they feel."
Another fan said that she owns roughly 30-40 pairs of leggings, many of which are "high end" costing upwards of $50, however the Satina version from Amazon were "better quality".
"These leggings are the SOFTEST leggings I have ever worn...by a landslide!" She wrote.
Of course, it's important to be wary when online shopping - there will always be some instances where the online promise isn't quite the product you receive in the mail.
That being said, at $19 and with such glowing reviews, it seems a pretty safe bet these puppies are a smart buy - we'll just be over here hitting 'add to cart' now.
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