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Kate Middleton's mysterious tour outfit stumps fans - and it was because of a genius fashion hack!

The curious case of Kate's chic shirt...

By Jess Pullar
Kate Middleton's current tour of Pakistan has turned into a fully-fledged fashion show, and we are well and truly here for every single drool-worthy outfit.
Yep, we'd be surprised if you hadn't ogled over Kate's slew of effortlessly chic ensembles that she's rocked while touring the South Asian country this week.
And if you'd been paying close attention, you might have noticed there was one particular outfit that caught our attention... and not for the reason you'd expect.
As royal fans, we've become very accustomed to getting real time information on the precise background and origin of each heavenly clothing item worn by Kate, Meghan and their regal in-laws.
In fact, an all-too-common occurrence of said information often leads to thousands of royal-loving fashion-fiends to flock to the website of the designers and sell out whatever item the royals wear within minutes.
That's why a certain engagement attended by Kate this week was rather niggly, because in an unlikely occurrence, the designer of a chic brown blouse she wore was a complete mystery.
Royal fans were stumped when Kate's brown shirt, worn below her chic Really Wild vest, couldn't be placed. (Getty)
Crisis ensued. An entirely new and rather uncomfortable sensation to us, we, quite frankly, could not rest until this fashion mystery was firmly solved.
And so, we looked closely at the clues.
Worn underneath Kate's Really Wild vest, which she had previously worn during her tour of India and Bhutan, the chic collared creation looked to be made from a beautiful material.
On closer inspection, royal fans also spotted some tell-tale metallic buttons, which narrowed in on solving the mystery case.
Things were getting serious now...
There was one other telling clue in the mysterious case - the bottom of Kate's 'shirt' remained tucked into her skirt throughout the duration of the day.
Which means that the length of said garment was anyone's guess...
That's why when royal fashion guru and Instagrammer @KatesOutfitDiary shared the new pictures of Kate exploring Pakistan's Broghil National Park in the ensemble, we couldn't help but notice she listed Kate's shirt as a shirt dress.
Oh, and the designer? Mint Velvet, apparently!

The clues certainly add up.
Mint Velvet's imagery of their deep brown shirt dress on its website features those unmistakable metallic buttons, and the material looks very similar.
With this in mind, we're quite content to close this case for now, and applaud the eagle-eyed fan for bringing this important piece of fashion news to our attention.
Case closed! Now we can get back to our day in peace... (Getty)
Kate's current tour of Pakistan has arguably been her most stylish yet, with the Duchess donning some stunning traditional garb as she visits the country's unique regions.
On Thursday, Kate wore a heavenly teal and gold shalwar kameez, which was a bespoke handmade creation by local designer Maheen Khan.
The ensemble itself was picked up by the royal's fashion squad from London boutique O'nitaa, making it a unique off-the-rack purchase.
Speaking to PEOPLE, the owner of the store Onita Prasada said the garment would have taken about three months to make "because of all the intricate embroidery".
"It couldn't be more perfect!" She told the publication.
"The whole thing just frames her body so beautifully. I love the way she wore the scarf, and the silk gold thread edging just reflects off her face so beautifully."
We couldn't agree more. We'll just be over here patiently awaiting more epic fashion wins from the official queen of chic, Kate herself.

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