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Forever 21 selling offensive ‘rape’ T-shirt

Company accused of selling shirt that encourages rape and victim blaming.

This just makes you wonder who’s running things over at retail giant Forever 21.
The clothing company has been forced to remove one of their slogan t-shirts from their website because of its rape-inciting and victim blaming connotations.
Someone – well several someones – from the American company decided that it would be really funny and fah-shun to throw a t-shirt together with the words “Don’t say maybe if you want to say no”. Oh, and the t-shirt is for men. It’s a man’s t-shirt. Not designed for women to wear, because apparently only men get to decide the difference between the words “maybe” and “no”, at least according to Forever 21.
We’re not sure how the ridiculously offensive item managed to get through a complete production line of people without someone stopping the process and saying, “Hey, actually you know what? This is just plain wrong. Maybe we shouldn’t go ahead with this one?”
But since no one at the company picked up the mistake it was up to the public to tell Forever 21 how appalling their decision to try and sell it really was.
After an outpouring of complaints (obviously) Forever 21 has pulled the t-shirt from the website and issued this statement:
"Forever 21 strives to exemplify the highest ethical standards and takes feedback and product concerns very seriously. With regards to the t-shirt in question, upon receiving feedback from our customers, we took immediate action to have it removed from our website. We sincerely apologise to anyone who was offended by the product."
Sounds genuine… (that was sarcasm).
What do you think? Would you be happy if your son/hubby/whoever was spotted walking around in this shirt?
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