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Deborah Hutton surprises fans with a new fashion line, sparked in the wake of her skin cancer surgery

The inspirational Aussie is spearheading an important movement.

By Jess Pullar
Last year, Deborah Hutton faced her toughest challenge to date.
The Australain TV presenter and former magazine editor revealed to her loyal Instagram following that she had a large skin cancer cut from her face.
Its mark was clear - the surgery she underwent to remove it left a significant scar reaching her nose to her mouth.
Ever brave, bold and confident, Deborah wore it proudly as she shared an important message.
"After having the stitches out from another major surgery to remove 2 skin cancers, and being extreme grateful they've got it all, I feel it's only right to remind you to get your SKIN CHECKED!" Deb wrote on Instagram at the time.
She explained that the cancer was originally almost invisible to the naked eye, and it was her dermatologist who had flagged it with her months earlier.
"My skin will heal and in the coming months you'll hardly see the scar. Skin heals beautifully but only if you give it the chance before it's too late. Extremely grateful to my surgeon and the nurses who looked after me. Early detection is everything!! Don't delay. So don't stuff around with your health."
Deborah Hutton shared an image of her scar after undergoing surgery to remove her skin cancer. (Instagram)
In the months following, Deborah continued to utilise her platform to spread a message of awareness.
"It has certainly frightened me. But what's more frightening is if you just sweep it under the carpet and put your head in the sand. I got a real wake-up call," she told Australian Women's Weekly in July.
"It shocked me to see my face after the surgery," she admitted, before adding, "And I thought, I want people to see this because there's an ugliness to skin cancer that frightens the s* out of you."
Deborah continued to advocate for skin cancer awareness in the wake of her surgery. (Photography by Julie Adams)
Fast-forward to today, and Deb continues to shine a light on the importance of skin protection and getting checked.
So much so, that's she's made it into something quite tangible.
Taking to her Instagram this week, Deb announced she had partnered with iconic Australian hat manufacturer Rigon Headwear to produce an entire range of UPF 50+ hats.
UPF the the measurement that rates the protectiveness of clothing and fabrics in protecting the skin from the sun's ultraviolet UV rays.
Made in Australia, the hats will protect the face from extensive sun damage, the type that triggered Deborah's own skin cancer on her face.
Deb has collaborated with a leading Australian hat manufacturer to create a sun safe hat for consumers. (Instagram)
Rigon Headwear released its own statement on the collaboration, writing: "Deborah has been a powerful advocate for the importance of protecting your face from the ravages of sun damage.
"She is passionate about getting the message out to fellow Australians to wear a wide-brimmed hat with a high UPF rating. All hats in the Deborah Hutton collection with rate between UPF30 and UPF50+ (Maximum Protection)."
The collaboration is a result of Deborah's passion in driving awareness for skin cancer and urging other Aussies to be sun safe.
A fashion maven herself, you can bet Deb's line of hats will be both stylish and practical.
There's no set date for their release, however it's expected the hats will be available in certain boutiques in 2021.
And until then, continue to slip, slop and slap on that SPF 50+, and do cover up where possible - you can never be too careful.
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