This Time Next Year’s Darren and Jen’s wedding album

The couple share photos from their big day.
This Time Next Year

The Nine Network’s heart-warming new series This Time Next Year took out top spot in last night’s ratings race with 1,282,000 viewers tuning in.

We’re still picking up our jaws from the floor after couple Darren and Jen revealed their amazing transformation last night on the show.

The lovebirds from NSW, who have been together for five years, made the pledge to lose weight ahead of their wedding day.

But no one, not even host Karl Stefanovic, could have anticipated just how much they would have changed in just 12 months.

“I don’t want to be a fat bride,” Jennifer revealed.

Of her dream dress, Jennifer admitted she was still yet to try one on.

“I don’t know if I’m going to get down to my dream size,” she said.

Darren and Jen on their special day.

Walking through the ‘Next Year’ sliding doors, Darren and Jen, both 39, looked unrecognisable as they showed off their incredible bodies after shedding a combined weight of 96kgs – thanks to gastric band surgery and a strict diet and exercise plan.

“I was 109kgs and I’m now 73.9kg,” Jennifer proudly declared.

“I started out at 108.8kg and my latest weigh-in was 77.8kgs,” Darren added.

Jen looks absolutely stunning in her dress!

Chatting to Karl, the pair admitted they feel like different people.

“We went jean shopping last week and I got down to a size ten,” Jennifer revealed.

“Once the recovery was over and done with (from surgery) we just got stuck into the exercise and it’s become our life. We’re even looking at buying ourselves bikes now.”

The happy couple on the dancefloor.

Since losing the weight, Jennifer and Darren have since gone on to tie the knot in their dream ceremony surrounded by close family and friends.

And to celebrate, the couple we’re more than happy to share some of the snaps from their special day with TV WEEK.

Congratulations, guys!

What a stunning ceremony!

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