The Block’s Josh reveals his auction day strategy

Josh Barker has a sneaky plan up his sleeve to win The Block.
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With the all-important The Block auctions looming, carpenter and resident surfer Josh is starting to feel the heat.

Chatting to TV WEEK about the big day, the 28-year-old says the real competition comes down to the auction order.

“I wouldn’t mind jumping second or third,” Josh says.

“I don’t really want to go first.”

The Block couple Josh and Elyse are hoping to take out the competition.

Last week, Josh and his girlfriend Elyse took out the Domain prize of $5,000 for their backyard design which means they are now one step closer to having their home featured on the front cover of Domain magazine ahead of auction day.

Josh knows an advantage like that could make all the difference.

“It felt pretty good,” Josh says, adding fellow blockheads Georgia and Ronnie weren’t impressed by the outcome.

“I reckon they were pretty dirty,” he adds.

“There was half a point in it, so it was close. We were happy to win it, bloody oath.”

Of his time on The Block, Josh says he has loved every moment.

“I reckon putting the backyard together was the best part,” he says.

“I love backyards and outdoor areas so that was pretty good.”

And, as far as his favourite house feature goes, well, there’s too many to choose from.

“The exposed concrete and timber work,” Josh enthuses.

“I hate floating floors and all that stuff that everyone has got on their floors. I’d never put it on my floors because I don’t think it’s quality. Elyse and I just wanted to build as top-end as we could with the budget.”

Josh says he also loves the red brick walls in his backyard.

“That was one of the main things I asked Dave (landscaper) to put in the back and front yard, just those earthy tones that have been around for years and will never get old. I like keeping it really simple because it you go over the top it dates.”

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