What a comeback! How The Block’s Jason and Sarah feel about their winnings

They were nearly kicked off The Block in the middle of the season, but the couple recovered and ended up walking away with $387,000.
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They were nearly given their marching orders by The Block host Scott Cam, but in the end Melbourne couple Jason and Sarah came up trumps.

The team that was nearly booted off the show for not attempting the renovation of their master bedroom during the competition ended up placing second in the auctions results.

Their home sold for $3.007 million – giving them a $387,000 profit over their reserve price.

“We were very happy,” nurse Sarah, 45, says.

“We’re very grateful for our opportunity and very happy with our result.”

Jason and Sarah had a tumultuous time on The Block

Jason, 46, paid tribute to his wife for getting their team over the line.

“Today is a true testament to Sarah’s hard work and design,” he says.

Scott added the team had ended up building a “fantastic home”.

“They were very popular at all of the open for inspections,” Scott, 54, says.

“So they ended up creating a really good space for people to love, and they obviously designed it well.”

While they had a great result, they did feel for teams Sticks and Wombat, Ronnie and Georgia and Hannah and Clint who didn’t get the same cash prize.

“It’s really disappointing for three out of the five couples,” Sarah says.

“Yes, we’ve all come in to this knowing the risk of not making any money, but at the end of the day, I think that everyone has a little bit of an expectation to get at least a couple of hundred thousand.”

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