The best TV moments from the ’90s

Crickey, what a decade.
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Oh the ’90s, what a time to be alive. It was a decade that brought us boy bands by the dozens with their frosted tips and bleached hair, Discman, jean overalls and some great television dramas.

Our viewing habits expanded to teen dramas, lifestyle shows and the nation became obsessed with an ostentatious bloke who just loved wildlife.

As we continue to celebrate TV WEEK’s 60th birthday we rehash some of the most iconic television moments. Scroll down to relive the decade that was.

Steve was Australia’s answer to David Letterman

Tonight Live with Steve Vizard 1990:

From 1990 to 1993, funnyman Steve Vizard presented the nightly chat show. The Gold Logie winner hosted many famous guests, including Chevy Chase and Whoopi Goldberg.

Brides of Christ

Brides of Christ 1991:

The successful miniseries was set in a Sydney convent school and centred on the relationships between the nuns and students. It starred Josephine Byrnes and Lisa Hensley and was Naomi Watts’ first role.

David Reyne on travel show, Getaway

Getaway 1992:

The travel lifestyle series followed the hosts, including David Reyne, as they jetted around the globe visiting the best holiday spots. Catriona Rowntree joined the show in 1996 and is still at the helm with David.

Sylvania Waters was one of Australia’s first reality shows

Sylvania Waters 1992:

One of our first reality series followed the lives of a family from the Sydney waterside suburb. Over six months, the series charted the ups and downs of newly wealthy couple Noeline Baker and Laurie Donaher.

The Late Show crew

The Late Show 1992:

Bringing viewers laughs were comedians Jane Kennedy, Tom Gleisner, Mick Molloy, Tony Martin, Jason Stephens, Rob Sitch, Judith Lucy and Santo Cilauro.

Eric Banner and the full frontal crew

Full Frontal 1993:

It’s the comedy series that thrust the very funny Eric Bana and Shaun Micallef into the spotlight. Who could forget Eric’s VB-swilling, Barnsey-loving “Poida”? The role won him a Logie.

Blue Heelers set in the fictional town of Mount Thomas

Blue Heelers 1993:

The police officers in Blue Heelers became favourites with TV WEEK readers. The series blended crime cases with the relationships between the cops in the fictional town of Mount Thomas. PJ (Martin Sacks) and Maggie (Lisa McCune) became an iconic TV pairing. Her death was one of the series’ most heartbreaking scenes.

The Man From Snowy River

The Man From Snowy River 1993:

The period drama series followed the life of squatter Matt (Andrew Clarke) and his family. A swag of Australian celebrities appeared throughout the four seasons, including Guy Pearce, Hugh Jackman and Olivia Newton-John.

Sophie Falkiner, Ernie Dingo and Andrew Daddo

The Great Outdoors 1993:

Aussies loved to tune into The Great Outdoors for great holiday tips. The popular series was hosted by the likes of Sophie Falkiner, Ernie Dingo and Andrew Daddo.

Frontline with Rob Sitch

Frontline 1994:

Comedians Rob Sitch and Jane Kennedy starred in the fictional current affairs program. Rob played self-obsessed anchor Mike Moore.

Aussie teens wanted to be just like the Heartbreak High cast

Heartbreak High 1994:

They were the cool kids everyone wanted to go to school with in the ’90s. There was heartthrob Nick (Alex Dimitriades), his cousin Con (Salvatore Coco) and feisty Katerina (Ada Nicodemou). It was praised for dealing with issues such as teen pregnancy and drugs.

The Better Homes and Gardens crew

Better Homes and Gardens 1995:

Until 2005, Noni Hazlehurst hosted Australia’s longest-running lifestyle show. The series is now presented by former swimmer Johanna Griggs.

Crickey, those are some big ears

The Crocodile Hunter 1996:

Passionate wildlife advocate Steve Irwin became a household name after he appeared in the documentary series. It first aired in 1996 and also featured his wife, Terri, and daughter Bindi. Sadly, Steve died in 2006 while filming another documentary series.

Cops battled crime on the waterfront in Water Rats

Water Rats 1996:

Sydney Harbour was the scenic backdrop for police procedural Water Rats. The relationship between detectives Frank (Colin Friels) and Rachel (Catherine Clements) attracted audiences in droves.

Dr Harry Cooper

Harry’s Practice 1997:

Before we watched cat videos online, Dr Harry Cooper and his team, including Dr Katrina Warren, gave us the best pet-care advice. If there was a pet with a problem, they’d sort it out. The vet treated all animals great and small.

Laura fell quickly for Dan in SeaChange

SeaChange 1998:

Lawyer Laura’s (Sigrid Thornton) life and loves in a small seaside town won the show a legion of fans. “SeaChange was a really memorable part for me,” Sigrid, 58, says of the show that aired from 1998 to 2000.

Going undercover was a dangerous game on Stingers

Stingers 1998:

Police procedurals have always been an Aussie favourite, and Stingers was no different. Running until 2004, the series depicted an undercover unit of officers. It also starred popular actors such as Peter Phelps, Ian Stenlake and Kate Kendall .

The Panel, 2003

The Panel 1998:

Comedic favourites Working Dog Productions continued their stellar run with hit talk show The Panel. Regulars at the desk were Glenn Robbins, Rob Sitch, Tom Gleisner, Kate Langbroek and Santo Cilauro.

Terri and Mitch’s romance got hearts racing

All Saints 1998:

Medical series All Saints loved a good romance. None more so than that of nurse Terri Sullivan (Georgie Parker) and Dr Mitch Stevens (Erik Thomson). Both picked up Logies for their roles .“The Logies have a lot to do with the show and the character you’re playing,” Georgie, 52, says. “I owed a lot to the show.”

Rove, Peter and Corrine

Rove 1999:

Comedian Rove McManus and his variety show were favourites with TV WEEK readers. He appeared in the magazine countless times, and also introduced us to future stars Peter Helliar and Corinne Grant.

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