The Bachelor’s Jen: “Cobie’s playing the game”

This season’s resident villain can see right through Cobie’s sweetheart image…
The Bachelor Australia's Cobie and Jen

Honestly, we don’t reckon butter wouldn’t melt in Bachelor hopeful Cobie Frost’s mouth.

Her adorable smile, loveable personality and infectious giggle make her seem like the nicest girl on earth.

But not if you ask her fellow Bachie babe Jen Hawke!

The mouthy marketing manager gave Cobie, 30, quite the serve on tonight’s ep for stealing Matty away for even more alone time after their single date – where she scored a smooch ICYMI – despite the fact she still had a rose.

Cobie’s adorable date with Matty.

In fact, she reckons the seemingly innocent coal plant operator is more scheming than sweet.

“Coby’s a hustler,” Jen tells *NW.

“[I told the girls], ‘She’s playing you hard, she’s a massive threat.’ She played those girls. It was outwit, outplay.”

Wait, are we watching Survivor or Bach?

Meanwhile, although the other girls were quick to come to Cobie’s defence for wanting more one-on-one time with Matty J – like, who can blame her really?! – Jen, 27, says she has seen a totally different side to the Brisbane-based beauty.

Jen wasn’t the only one who didn’t like Cobie getting all the alone time.

“Leah did walk out and [say to Cobie], ‘Look you’ve got a rose you have taken him away from the cocktail party everyone is kind of waiting to see Matty, we haven’t seen him,] and Cobie is just like, ‘Nah,’ and put her hand up in Leah’s face.” Burn!

As for what Cobie reckons about Jen’s theory?

“Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind,” she tells NW. “I’m not going to let something like that take away from the day that I had.”

Your move, Jen!

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