The Bachelorette intruder Stu Laundy wants more kids!

The well-known publican is hoping to start a family with Sophie.
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It was the moment Australia had been waiting for.

Tonight, The Bachelorette’s Sophie Monk met not one, but four intruders all hoping to win her heart.

But there was one familiar face in the mix – Stu Laundry.

Controversially, the third-generation pub baron and rumoured winner from Sydney briefly met Sophie last year and instantly fell head over heels.

So much so that he decided to apply for the reality TV show.

“I’ve been separated four years,” Stu says.

“I’ve dated but just had no luck so I’m here to find love.”

Despite already being dad to four “beautiful” daughters, whom he shares with his ex-wife Rachel, Stu says he would be happy to have more, especially with Sophie.

“I’d have heaps more kids,” the 44-year-old declares.

“I enjoy being a dad. I’m not scared to have more kids. I love, love kids, always have.”

Well-known publican Stu Laundy is competing for Sophie’s heart.

In fact, Stu is so keen to expand his brood, he can’t stop talking about it.

“One of these days I might go again,” he laughs. “You’re never too old.”

So what does Stu’s family think about him being on the show?

“I’ve been unlucky in love for the last few years so they were very supportive,” Stu says.

And as for Sophie, well, Stu certainly ticks all of her boxes.

“I’d like to settle down, have kids and get married,” the 37-year-old told TV WEEK earlier this month, adding the mystery man has already met her family.

“My family really like him. They met him during filming and if I’m happy, they’re happy which is great,” she adds.

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