The Bachelorette’s Sam: “Jarrod could kill you”

The Bachie blokes are scared of the former military man.
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ICYMI, back in episode one of The Bachelorette’s Sam Cochrane received the Double Delight Rose, entitling him to two single dates – and tonight he FINALLY got his second single date.

Despite being on cloud nine afterwards, things quickly went south very quickly for Sam as he was forced to convince Sophie Monk that he was the better match out of the last men standing, including Blake Coleman and AJ.

In the end, he and AJ lost out to Blake, but it wasn’t entirely a sad departure as Sam spills that he was happy to be out of Jarrod Woodgate’s company.

“We are all actually terrified of him,” he admits.

Stiff competition tonight! What happened?

I don’t know, I think at this point in the competition, everyone would be great for Sophie. Having seen Luke go out last night, you kind of go, “Woah.” Cause I, in no way, would rank myself as a better man than Luke… It comes down to Sophie and what’s right for her.

Were you feeling confident after your date, or did you have an inkling you could be going?

During the date, things went great – talking to her is very easy – but, you know, there are other great guys in the competition, and it’s just one of those things where the roses are dwindling. I never doubted my connection with Sophie in terms of how well we get along and how great it could potentially be hanging out in the outside world, but, look, everyone’s in danger. I was quietly confident, like I always have been, through the show, but you’ve got to prepare yourself. Rose ceremonies are getting scarier that’s for sure.

And that rose ceremony was intense!

It was definitely a unique rose ceremony that’s for sure. Blake has developed very strong feelings for Sophie over the last few dates and I could see the emotion in him… It is a very difficult situation to then have to plead my case second. What was ticking through my mind during the rose ceremony was that I need more time. I need more time in the real world, I need to be able to go to Coles with [Sophie] before I could ever think about the fact I could love [her].

How tough – you and Blake are clearly close mates! After all, he did confide in you about “watering” Jarrod’s plant”

Yeah, well he told me he did it, so for him to say [he didn’t], I was like, “This is baloney!” I’m sure the truth will truly come out at some point.

Do you think he will ever confess?

He will not own up to it while Jarrod is in the same space. He is from the military and Jarrod could kill you! And I didn’t want that on my birthday either. If Jarrod had stabbed him on my birthday, I don’t want that, no more drama. Maybe he’ll spill that when he feels safe. Despite Jarrod being annoying we are all actually terrified of him and his face goes red.
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Who do you think would take it the worst if they weren’t The One for Sophie?

Oh, it absolutely would have to be Jarrod, wouldn’t it? Just because he’s definitely put it out there. And, that’s the difficult thing, putting yourself out there at the risk of getting hurt… I wouldn’t want to be in the room when he doesn’t get a rose. I’d be out of there! [Laughs]

So had you not been eliminated, what do you think it would have been like seeing Sophie’s family again, given how the first time went when you started talking about, er, let’s just say thing you shouldn’t be talking about in front of a girlfriend’s dad…

I’m pretty good at damage control. I got along with Sophie’s sister really well. I was probably going to have to have a quiet meeting with her dad like on the back porch with a fully loaded shotgun. [laughs] Like give me a chance! So I don’t know how that would have played out. We’ll see how it plays out with the other guys.

Finally, can we expect to see you on Bachelor in Paradise?

I wouldn’t rule anything out, but I’m not thinking too much about that at the moment.

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