The Bachelorette’s Ryan Jones reveals the surprising truth about his shock exit

Ryan says it was a mutual decision.
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The Bachelorette Sophie Monk sent construction foreman Ryan Jones packing tonight on The Bachelorette Australia after a conversation about whether or not he was really looking for love on the show.

But while the episode was nothing short of dramatic, viewers shouldn’t believe everything they see.

According to Ryan, 26, what unfolded on screen is not what really went down.

Ryan is adamant his departure didn’t go down the way it was edited.

“It was a mutual decision,” Ryan says of leaving the competition, despite it appearing as though Sophie sent him home.

“I definitely initiated the conversation because I knew there were men in the mansion who were really falling hard for her, like James.”

After Sophie and Ryan’s awkward chat, fans were left thinking Ryan had stormed off in a huff before heading home. But that wasn’t the case.

“Well, you’re meant to go straight home but I actually went back to the mansion,” the 26-year-old reveals.

“I got to see all the boys again and tell them that Sophie and I had decided it was best that I leave, but you guys didn’t see that. I couldn’t be there any longer.”

Ryan says it was a mutual decision for him to go.

Chatting to TV WEEK, Ryan admits he’s disappointed by the way he’s been portrayed on the show.

“It’s been pretty tough and tough on my family too,” he says, adding he was not informed by producers that he would be pinpointed as this season’s resident villain.

“Some of the comments I’ve received on social media have been pretty bad but you have to take it with a grain of salt. At the end of the day, that’s what happens when you sign up for a reality show I guess.”

But thankfully for Ryan, there has been some good to come out of The Bachelorette experience.

“I’m finally getting back into the dating scene,” Ryan laughs.

But when pressed further about his relationship status, Ryan confirmed he is off the market.

“Yes, I am seeing someone,” he added. “We’ll see how it goes.”

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