EXCLUSIVE: Brett reveals why it was never going to work between him and Sophie Monk

So long, farewell to the ultimate background babe.
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He’s a man of few words and minimal airtime but there’s one thing Brett Moore knows for sure and it’s that he and Sophie Monk were never going to work out.

And the reason why may surprise you!

Fresh from his eviction on The Bachelorette Australia, 2017, we caught up with the personal trainer/model to debreif on all thing Bachie, plus he reveals what really went down when the intruders were dropped into the house…

Brett Moore, 27, personal trainer/model

Brett, did it hurt to get the boot during that mass exodus?

I don’t think there was enough there for it to hurt. It was fine, I was OK. I was pretty happy to be heading home but it was a shame it came to an end.

Do you think Sophie was your type?

Sophie’s beautiful, she’s a cool chick. However, she is a lot older than I am. I’m 27, she’s 37 so she’s got a fair bit of life experience on her that I’d probably rather do with someone. Where I feel like she’s experienced a lot already.

She probably has a pre-conceived concept of the world and I’d like to go and explore with someone.

As good as she was, as amazing as she was, I was happy for the journey to go either way.

We didn’t see much of you on air, was it hard to compete with some of the mansion’s show ponies?

Yeah it’s whatever. I think the guys who are more boisterous, louder and willing to get stuck into one another are always going to get more airtime. I’m pretty happy to take a backseat.

If you’re a backseat kind of bandit, what inspired you to go on a reality show in the first place?

Look, I mean I suppose the show has a little bit of credibility when it comes to helping people find love. I’m into new experiences, I’ll try anything!

It was definitely an experience! Fortunately I’ve just ticked over into my mid-twenties so I’m not in any rush but if something comes my way, I’m open to it.

This is the first year we’ve had a celebrity Bachelorette, what was that like for you guys?

Her high profile didn’t phase me, I wasn’t really bothered by her status as such. Even with that, I still didn’t know everything about her as an individual and it’s pretty hard to judge her character through movies and TV and whatever else she’s done.

I’d rather just give her the time of day and go in with no pre-conceived ideas of who she is.

You were in the house for a few solid weeks, who do you think the top contenders are to win?

That’s a toughie! There’s a few guys I’d like to see win.

Ryan is a really, really ripper guy. There’s a lot of depth to him which the show hasn’t seen enough of yet.

Sammy is hilarious, if she’s looking for someone to make her laugh – then he’s her man.

Apollo is a really good kid. He’s a sound individual for 24 years old but I don’t know whether the age will play against him but he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

If you had to pick just one winner, who would it be?

Probably Derek the Sloth I reckon.

How did the intruders change the house dynamic?

Yeah, it’s whatever. Every day we were copping new stuff on the chin. It’s a show so the producers can throw whatever they want at ya.

Brett would like to see Ryan, Sam or Apollo win.

Did the boys in the mansion soon realise Sophie already knew intruder Stu?

Yeah, it was pretty evident early on. I think initially a few boys were a bit defensive about it after they’d built a connection with her over the few weeks.

What about Bachelor in Paradise, would you be keen?

Oh, whatever. I’ve been flat-out with work at the moment so I haven’t even given it much thought. I don’t know if that offer would come my way but if it did, I would look at it.

Tell us about Jarrod, he seems to be one of the most talked-about contestants this season?

Yeah, he was an interesting dude. Not my sort of dude, from a different walk of life… He attacks things a little bit different to most of the guys.

Is the stage five clinger tag fair?

Yeah, sure!

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And what about Sam, he’s another big character – what’s he like?

I shared a room with him so I got to know him on a deeper level compared to the jokester the other guys got. He’s actually a really, really sound guy. He’s a ripper! I would fall asleep laughing to that man, he’s pretty hilarious.

What did you learn from your Bachelorette experience?

It puts things into perspective. You’re taken out of the real world and have no communication with friends and family, it lets you know just how good you’ve got it.

Have you met anyone special since?

I’ve met a lot of people but I’ve been pre-occupied with work.

The 27-year-old is still single.

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