Sophie Monk reveals why she signed up for another reality dating show

She also reveals that her boyfriend Stu Laundy will be joining her!
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Sophie Monk is certain she’s going to enjoy being the host of Love Island Australia a lot more than she enjoyed looking for love on The Bachelorette.

“Oh God yeah!” she tells TV WEEK after the exciting news was revealed today.

“There’s no emotion in it for me. I’m watching like everyone else. I’m super excited to be on the other side, where I belong.”

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Sophie, 37, says although she loved doing The Bachelorette, she was “very vulnerable”.

“I’m not used to being that vulnerable,” she adds.

For Sophie, one of the reasons she signed on to the Nine Network’s new reality dating show is that it will be shooting in Spain.

“They sat me down and I was like, ‘I’m in!’ before I’d watched it,” she explains.

“It’s the perfect place to have a job. Usually I’m freezing on set. For once I’ll be warm and comfortable.”

Of course, her man, Stu Laundy, will be joining her in Spain during shooting.

“I’m sure he’ll have to visit,” she says. “It’s about two months. I’ll have some downtime. I just come on and do my thing and watch it all unfold.”

The idea behind Love Island, which has been hugely popular in the UK, is that hot singles couple up and the public decides who stays and who leaves. At the end, the winning couple is given a pot of money. Then one of them is given the chance to keep all the money for themselves.

“I love this style of show,” Sophie says. “These people falling in love and then the drama of it and whether they’re going to choose the money or the love at the end…”

Hosting Love Island will pit Sophie up against Osher Günsberg, who is hosting Bachelor In Paradise on Network Ten. Sophie hasn’t had a chance to talk to Osher about her new job yet, but she says they’re not going to suddenly become rivals.

“We’re friends,” she says. “I don’t think we compete like that in TV, really.”

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