Netflix’s Sex Education actors Aimee Lou Wood and Connor Swindell are dating IRL

When life imitates art!
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Sex Education is one of the best TV shows on Netflix right now, with the second season about to premiere on January 17.

This hilarious, heartwarming show about a misfit group of teenagers fumbling their way through high school, has turned out to be a smash hit for the streaming service, earning millions of fans around the world.

And a huge part of its success is the awesome cast, who manage to perfectly portray all the complicated emotions that come with learning about sex and relationships as a young adult.

But did you know that two of the show’s lead cast members are actually dating in real life?

Connor Swindell, who plays the sexually-confused school bully Adam Groff, is in a long-term relationship with his former on-screen love interest Aimee Lou Wood, who plays the adorable Aimee.

Aimee and Adam have a brief relationship that quickly fizzles out after a less-than-impressive sexual encounter – so yes, this real-life couple has performed sex scenes together on-screen.

Fans first discovered the pair were an item after they started posted loads of cute couple snaps on their respective Instagram accounts.

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The entire cast of Sex Education on the red carpet at the show’s season two premiere.


Aimee and Connor posing for an Instagram selfie.




Connor revealed that the couple got together towards the end of filming for the first season, but kept it strictly professional while on set.

“There is no confusion to be had between our sex scenes on the show and our own personal life,” he told The Telegraph UK in February 2019.

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They’re certainly not afraid of a couple pic!


Couple selfie!


The couple enjoying a meal together in Chicago.


Proving the show’s huge appeal worldwide, Connor says fans often approach the couple together in public and immediately recognise them from the show.

“Aimee and I have been approached together a lot. People see her and then me and there’s no doubt we’re ‘that couple off Sex Education‘,” Connor told The Telegraph.

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The couple say they kept it strictly professional while on set.


Posing together in a photobooth.


The couple dressed up in matching costumes from fellow Netflix series Stranger Things for Halloween.


As well as the adorable couple selfies, these two certainly aren’t afraid of a gushy Instagram tribute.

To mark Connor’s birthday, Aimee wrote a huge post to celebrate her man.

“HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH SWINDELLS YOU BEAUTIFUL MAGNIFICENT MAN. You’ve been a warrior king forever in the hundreds of lives you have already lived but now you’re my [king emoji],” Aimee wrote.

“AND I DONT GIVE A F IF ANYONE THINKS THAT IS CRINGEY cuz I’m trying to be as brave as u are. I’m owning my narrative. Big thank you to Adam Groff and Aimee Gibbs for making all this possible… Not going to say any more because I feel vulnerable but YOU KNOW THE REST”.

WATCH BELOW: See the trailer for season one of Sex Education. Story continues after video.

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Although they probably won’t be having any more romantic scenes together – it’s becoming pretty clear that Connor’s character Adam is gay – we can’t wait to see the second season of this awesome show and see how each of their characters evolve!

The second season of Sex Education premieres on Netflix on January 17.

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