Samuel Johnson confirms he’s joining Channel Seven’s All New Monty

He joins Sam Frost and Adam Dovile in the new special event show...
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Samuel Johnson will be the latest to star to strip off in the name of men’s health, when the All New Monty returns for yet another special event episode on Channel Seven in 2020.

Over the past two years, more than 23 celebrities have dared to bare on The Real Full Monty and All New Monty: Ladies Night, in episodes aiming to raise awareness about prostate cancer and breast cancer.

The heart-warming series returns next year, for its first combined show The All New Monty: Guys and Gals.

Once again, choreographer Todd McKenney will return along with what we’ll call ‘team captains’ Shane Jacobson and Georgie Parker.

Home and Away star Sam Frost and Better Homes and Gardens presenter Adam Dovile were the first two stars confirmed to take part in Channel Seven’s Upfronts in October.

Adam Dovile and Sam Frost.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Now, Sam has taken to Instagram to confirm he’s also on board. Literally. The actor shared a selfie of himself and The All New Monty tour bus on Instagram on Friday.

“That face pretty much sums up how I feel about getting my kit off on national telly,” he writes.

“Ah well…anything for the cause. That’s always been the deal.”

The actor joked “may I present well on the day” and said taking his clothes off in front of the nation “should be quite the catastrophe.”

Samuel joins the cast!

(Image: Instagram)

THE ALL NEW MONTY: GUYS AND GALS will air on Channel Seven in 2020.

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