Confirmed: Olympia Valance is leaving Neighbours

The young actress has her sights set on Hollywood.
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Neighbours actress Olympia Valance is saying goodbye to Ramsay Street and making her way to Hollywood like so many big soap stars have done in the past.

Olympia, who has played Paige Smith since 2014, is heading to the US for ‘pilot season’ in late January to audition for TV shows and films.

The 24-year-old has reportedly been filming her final Neighbours scenes in the past week, and her exit will be showed on screens sometime next year. Olympia’s last scenes on set have been made all the more special because her stepfather, Ross Wilson, has made a cameo appearance.

Olympia and stepdad, Ross.

Ross spoke about Olympia’s last days on Neighbours, telling The Herald Sun: “It’s an emotional week for her. I know there will be a few speeches and a lot of tears.”

He added that it was a “big move” for Valance to bid farewell to the role that has built her career, but he said it’s “time to move on.”

Olympia is heading to Hollywood.

“Olympia, and my wife Tania, her mother, are going to LA in January, with management waiting with open arms,” Ross continued. “I know she will do really well.”

It might not truly be the end for her character though. Olympia previously told The Herald Sun in May that she doesn’t want Paige to be killed off in case she wants to return.

“Even if I decide not to sign on for another season, I want to come back and forth for cameos,” she said.

“It would never be the end of Paige.” Phew!

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