Married At First Sight season 4 episode 3 recap

If your wedding ring falls down the toilet is your marriage headed the same way?

If you believe in signs, perhaps fishing your wedding ring out of a toilet bowl doesn’t bode particularly well for a blessed union? If you missed it, tonight’s episode of Married At First Sight had more than its fair share of whacky moments.

#1 Mum’s gotta work on her poker face

To be fair, it’s probably not every mother’s dream to hear the words, “I’m getting married to a complete stranger.” But Andy’s mum could have worked a little harder on her poker face!

Clearly Andy’s mother is thrilled with the idea.

#2 Vanessa’s commitment issues

Vanessa pulled a classic Kate Perry tonight. She was hot, she was cold, she was yes, then no! The poor girl was clearly having commitment issues about making the biggest commitment of her life to a complete stranger – which, we guess, is somewhat understandable. But she earned bonus Katy Perry points for her audible ROAR of rage when her limo broke down. Ain’t nobody want to get in the way of this Bridezilla.

I am bride. Hear me roar.

#3 The curse of the nice guy

Simon is so nice. Like, really, really, nice. Is his new bride Alene attracted to him? No. But hey, he’s got a great personality. Props to Alene for admitting that looks aren’t everything, and really, it’s nothing a good haircut can’t fix. Also fair play to her for sticking around after Simon whipped out those dance moves – if you can call them that. Some pre-wedding dance classes wouldn’t have gone amiss here.

Simon contemplates the infinite number of new hair styles to be forced upon him in the future.

#4 And the best bridesmaid goes to…

Alene’s bridesmaid Amanda had some very big reservations about the whole process. She wasn’t keen on Simon as soon as she saw him. She could tell that there wasn’t instant physical attraction between the pair. She aired her concerns with her best friend, yet stood by Alene’s decision to give the guy a chance. But she really went above and beyond when she fished her friend’s wedding ring out of the dunny – because that’s what bridesmaids are for.

All in a day’s work.

Despite the lack of initial spark, Alena and Simon may well work out okay. And if the look on Andy’s face when Vanessa walked down the aisle is anything to go by – these two couple just might make it out of this experiment all the better for it.

Andy couldn’t wipe that smile off his face.

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