Luke Mitchell credits his wife Rebecca Breeds with helping bring him international success

“I owe it all to Bec!”
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His talent and looks have brought Aussie actor Luke Mitchell major roles in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Blindspot and The Code, establishing him as a leading man in top-notch US TV series.

But the former Home And Away star credits one person for his international success: his wife of six years, actress Rebecca Breeds.

The couple met through the long-running drama series in 2009, where Luke, 34, played resident charmer Romeo Smith, and Rebecca, 31, played passionate free spirit Ruby Buckton.

“I don’t think I could have done what I’ve done overseas if it weren’t for Bec,” Luke tells TV WEEK. “I’m a very lucky guy.”

Luke and Rebecca recently celebrated his birthday in Sydney (Image: Instagram/@lukemitchell17)

The actor’s latest role is as Captain John “Abe” Abraham in The Code, a new drama focused on the Judge Advocate Corps, the legal division of the US Marine Corps.

“Abe is smart, confident, cocky and funny, and so good at his job,” Luke says of his character. “But he’s also very flawed. I just wanted to have a shot at it because I really liked the story.”

Luke is relishing war-zone investigations and courtroom showdowns among a cast that includes Anna Wood (Chronicle) as defence attorney Captain Maya Robbins and Ato Essandoh (Elementary) as his boss, Major Trey Ferry.

“We have as much fun in between the scenes as we do during the scenes,” he says.

Taking on leading-man status in The Code comes at just the right time for Luke, whose acting journey began with a guest spot in Neighbours in 2008.

“I was ready for it,” he admits. “I’ve been working pretty consistently and I would say I was ready for the challenge.”

Luke as Captain John “Abe” Abraham in The Code (Image: Getty).

The Gold Coast-born actor, who once harboured ambitions to be a tennis pro, clicked with audiences in Neighbours and H20: Just Add Water before arriving in Summer Bay as Romeo in 2009.

Right away, fans declared his romance with Indi Walker (Samara Weaving) one of Home And Away’s sweetest and Romeo became a popular mainstay. The role won Luke the TV WEEK Logie Award for Most Popular New Talent in 2010.

The adulation made Romeo’s death from cancer in 2013 all the more deeply felt. The actor says he pauses to reflect on his run in Home And Away all the time.

“These last 10 years have kind of just flown by,” he says. “But Home And Away has set it all up. I learnt so much from that show. I grew as a person, as an actor, as a professional. It has a very special place in my heart.”

Of course, meeting and falling in love with Rebecca was also more than noteworthy.

“It’s another aspect of Home And Away that makes it so special,” Luke says. “We certainly spent most of our relationship on the show. And when I finally finished, we were engaged, and then we got married, and then we moved overseas.”

Romeo Smith and Indi Walker are one of the most iconic Summer Bay couples (Image: Channel Seven).

Though Luke hints that there are “things on the horizon” that will bring him back to work in Australia for a period, he and Rebecca are staying in the US at the moment. For now, they’re enjoying a holiday at home with their dog Alfie in tow.

“It’s heaven. It’s everything we dreamed it would be,” Luke says of seeing Alfie here.

“He’s falling in love with the beach and the green grass and the fresh air and chasing seagulls – and hunting crabs in the rockpools in Cronulla [in Sydney’s south]. He’s having the time of his life.”

Just like Luke.

Luke, Bec and Alfie are back in Australia (Image: Instagram/@lukemitchell17)

The Code Season 1 is available now on 10 All Access.

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