An open letter from TV WEEK’s editor amidst Logies sexism backlash

We have the usual bunch of media picking apart the final list and throwing insults left, right and centre at the contenders.
TV Week Logie Awards Nominees 2017

TV Week Logie Awards Nominees 2017

What a surprise – people are bagging out the TV WEEK Gold Logie list! But let’s just clarify a few things. TV WEEK doesn’t pick this list. The initial, longer list is submitted by the TV networks, and viewers voted at the end of last year to give us the final nominees.

This is the Australian TV viewers having their say and they voted in record numbers.

So yes, they are engaged with the Logies and excited about Australian TV.

They are voting for those stars and shows that they have loved in 2016 – and it’s not always the top-rating shows.

Sure, it would have been nice to have some more women among the Gold nominees. But please don’t let that take away from celebrating Gold nominee Jessica Marais’ achievements.

She’s starred in two primetime dramas, is one of our hardest-working and most talented actresses and has three nominations to her name. Let’s also not forget that 11 out of past 20 Gold Logie winners have been women. A pretty even split!

And then there are our five other Gold nominees: Samuel Johnson, Rodger Corser, Waleed Aly, Peter Helliar and Grant Denyer.

Yes, they’re blokes. But they are obviously loved by TV viewers, and what a shame if their big moment was to be questioned or tarnished by this whinging.

Jessica Marais

Don’t let this take away from celebrating Gold nominee Jessica Marais’ achievements.

For some in the media and industry, who are perhaps jaded by this whole process, the easier option is always to find the negative angle.

But after chatting to some of our new talent nominees yesterday, it was so refreshing to see pure joy and excitement on their faces at being acknowledged by their fans and peers.

Can we just take a moment to celebrate our wonderful Australian TV industry?

Emma Nolan is the TV Week Editor

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