Instant Hotel: Sam and James reveal their sneaky scoring strategy

The schemers ’fess up.
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Accusations of strategic scoring threw the contestants on Channel Seven reality show Instant Hotel into turmoil last week.

The finger was pointed at series villains Brent and Leroy for continually giving their rivals’ properties low scores.

But now, another couple on the show has admitted to playing the game.

Sam (left) and James have their rivals seething

“It was James and I who were giving the lowest scores,” Sam, 24, reveals.

“I was trying to do little calculations in my head when the scores were revealed. I said to James, ‘I think we’re the strategic ones!’”

Other contestants had already figured the couple were the culprits.

“Leroy and I suspected Sam and James,” Brent, 53, says. “They seemed the most conniving.”

Queenslanders Brent and Leroy are the series villians

Jannine, 57, adds, “We knew it was Sam and James from the word go.”

Her 1950s instant hotel received a poor score from the young newlyweds.

Meanwhile, Sam insists the low scores she and James dished out were due to miscalculating their score on the first property rather than an intentional game play.

“James and I really didn’t know how tough to be,” she explains. “Once we’d set the bar on that first property, we then went against that.”

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