Introducing the cast for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2017!

The class of 2017 are here!
Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris

Season three of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is here!

10 celebrities including a beloved songstress, a reality star, a former beauty queen, a US sitcom legend, comedian and Australian journalist.

This year there will be two teams of five…


First to enter the deep dark South African jungle is Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

The frontwoman of Rogue Traders, beloved music TV judge and actress will dearly miss more than her husband and two children…

But she tells us that her fake tan is a close second!

“I’m more worried about my tan than anything else,” laughed the 41-year-old, who is mum to Harper, six, and Hendrix, three.

She also says she’s not 
a fan of camping, or the outdoors. “I’m more a hotel and cocktail kind of girl.”

We think Nat will be anything but rogue in the jungle! The 41-year-old’s charity is SISTER 2 SISTER.

Nat is a proud mum-of-two.

Tom loves to butt heads! The 57-year-old’s charity is CAMP DEL CORAZON.

Tom Arnold is the second person to enter the jungle!

“I won’t quit,” the 57-year-old quipped, who was married to actress Roseanne Barr from 1990 to 1994.

The controversial sitcom star, who’s known for his Twitter spats, is likely to butt heads with any other opinionated celebs.

But Tom, who’s married to his fourth wife Ashley Groussman, 
is determined to make 
his son Jax, three, and daughter Quinn, 13 months, proud.

“I’ve no idea what I’m letting myself in for, but I want them to look back on this and say their dad did something really amazing.”

Tom was famously married to Roseanne.

Next in is Nazeem Hussain.

Many would recognise the 31-year-old Australian comedian, actor, and radio presenter from his critically acclaimed show Legally Brown.

Sticking to his funny nature, within the first few seconds he jokingly shouted, “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!”

We think he’ll stick it out, especially with the crowned king or queen of the jungle winning $100,000 for their given charity.

Nazeem, who bases his comedy on his life, is in the jungle for INTOUCH

Adding a touch of pageantry to the jungle is Tegan Martin!

She’s dating rugby union star Sam Croke, but 
that won’t stop Tegan Martin flirting up a storm in the jungle.

“I’m naturally flirty,” says the former Miss Universe Australia, 24.

“I don’t mean to be – but I do just come across that way.”

Tegan is supporting BEYOND BLUE.

Bringing glamour to the jungle.

Completing Team One is Dane Swan.

The much-loved AFL player spent his entire career with the Collingwood Football Club. Despite having a slow start to his career, Dane has since become recognised as one of the greatest midfielders in the modern era.

The tatted Aussie is a gentle giant that will no doubt become a fan favourite.

Dane Swan, 32, is supporting the N.I.C.K FOUNDATION


How do you compete with Team One?

Bring in Steve Price, of course!

The shock jock admitted not even his Project co-stars know that he’s in the jungle.

The 62-year-old confesses, “The only insults I worry about are the ones that question my integrity.”

He then joked, “I’ve never done anything as stupid as this!”

Steve is supporting CARRIE’S BEANIES 4 BRAIN CANCER.

Going for gold is Lisa Curry who is supporting AUSSIE HELPERS.

The former Olympian will be going for gold in the jungle, but entering the show comes with heartache.

“I’m going to miss him so much,” the 54-
year-old told us about leaving her future hubby Mark.

Despite leaving her man, 
Lisa says she’ll focus on being the feisty den mother. “I’ll stick up for anyone who is being picked on or who’s having 
a hard time, no matter who they are.”

And she’s already inspiring all the contestants, telling them, “A lot of people just exist… Life is for living!”

Lisa Curry exclusively shares in this week’s Woman’s Day how she got her body jungle ready… Be sure to pick up the magazine out on Monday.

Adding his stunning voice to the mix, Jay Laga’aia joins the jungle.

With his infectious smile and warm voice, Jay is one of Australia’s most recognised entertainers.

The dad-of-eight told his fellow team mates that he hopes to make his kids proud.

And after entering the jungle on a flying fox doing a superman pose, we’re thinking they’ll be SUPER proud!

Jay, 53 is supporting TOUCHED BY OLIVIA

Ash Pollard will be cooking up a storm as she supports BEYOND BLUE.

Ash Pollard shot to fame as a contestant on My Kitchen Rules in 2015, says the title of Jungle Queen isn’t the only thing she hopes to walk away with after the show.

“I’m single, so I’m definitely open to a jungle romance,” says the 31-year-old, who is finally ready to find love again after splitting from her long-time boyfriend Wila Leschke.

We have no doubt she’ll stir up her team members!

Ash had viewers in stitches during her MKR days.

Casey, 28, will be raising money for the STARLIGHT FOUNDATION

After a 13-year hiatus from our TV screens, Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan says she’s nervous about being in the spotlight.

“Things have changed since I was last on reality TV,”the 28-year-old remarked.

“I’m a different and bigger person now.”

We can already see her beating her demons with the show literally making her jump into the jungle.

Casey’s fellow Australian Idol alum and previous jungle survivor Anthony Callea will no doubt be cheering for the 28-year-old.

Team One took out the very first challenge, winning the first choice of beds and more importantly… a fluffy pillow each.

Team Two were still enthusiastic as they entered the camp, with Lisa joking, “Wow! I feel like I’m in Disneyland.”

Well Lisa, this is a ride that will last six weeks!

While the camp learn the difference between a short and long drop, the real king and queen of the jungle, hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown dropped a bigger bomb than what the long drop will see later tonight…


What does this mean?

Apparently both have famous exes AND one is Australia’s hottest male model… YES TAKE THEM TO THE JUNGLE.

Also… The gang are already forming firm friends, thanks to the time old tradition of jungle shower time.

We have a new jungle bromance with Naz and Dane.

The boys bathed in unison joking about their bodies and it is making our heart beam with joy!

Then there’s the weird thang between Steve and Tom… One to watch.

Fromances were formed between curly-hair beauties Ash and Casey.

The first argument of camp involved a tea towel and a bucket.

Alas, the group of celebs will soon discover that food will fuel some of the jungle’s wildest fights.

Steve Price decided to take cooking queen Ash Pollard on about the method involved with draining beans.

That is correct, camp was divided over how to extract water from a pan.

Our resident shock jock decided that pouring it onto a tea towel would be the smartest option as he, and we quote, “Fancies himself as a bit of a chef.”

Ash, one of the best contestants to come out of cooking show My Kitchen Rules, thought otherwise.

Now, we don’t want to get mixed up with the jungle tensions, but we’re going give the first round to Ash.

The cooking whiz firmly stood her ground and soon Steve was eating his words, with a side of dinner.

The 62-year-old kindly admitted that he was wrong.

With the first episode over, we can’t wait to see what the South African jungle has in store for the stars…

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